Spring Storage Solutions

We know it’s Spring. And we know that’s when we traditionally clean and declutter our homes. So this blog falls in to the bracket that we like to call ‘predictable but useful’ – so we’re looking at some super-duper creative storage ideas. From small, clever and simple to big and bold, they are all touches that will make a difference around your home – by tidying things up or creating more space to live in.

Charger Cable Bulldog Clip

If you charge your smartphone on a window sill above a plug socket, you’ll appreciate that every time you want to plug it in the cable you have to retrieve it from the floor. The cables just don’t stay on the window ledge when they’re not connected. So here’s a great solution – thread it through a a bulldog paperclip that you can snap to the edge of the window sill. Simple, but effective.



Flip Flop Hangers

With the warming weather, we’ll undoubtedly be breaking out the flip-flops and sandals (no socks please!). But when the time comes to slip them off, they are a pain to store. Front porches up and down the land have piles of them haphazardly thrown into shoe shelves, where they look untidy and make it hard to find a pair. These adapted coat hangers solve the problem, making flip-flop hangers. All you’ll need is a wire coat hanger per pair of flip flops/sandals and a decent set of pliers with built in metal snips.


A Lofty Idea

If you’re tidying away clutter, and are lucky enough to have an attic, then you’ll more than likely be wanting to store some of it up there. The eaves of the roof though aren’t the best shape as you can’t stack stuff vertically. Unless you build some clever shelving that will allow you to put some shorter storage boxes above longer ones.

If you do it properly you’ll be able to use the rafters to fix your shelving uprights to.


Crouching Paper, Hidden Printer

If you’ve got a small flat and one of those bulky all in one printer-scanner-copies – it’ll probably be taking up space on the sideboard in a big ugly fashion. Here’s a great sideboard drawer hack, that means you can conceal the beastly box away in a drawer until the moment you need it.

A set of standard door hinges and a pair of right/left hand support hinges ingeniously fitted mean that you can pull the drawer out and fold down the front to print or scan your documents. Get the full details on how to build it here.



Al Fresco Drinks and Nibbles station

If you’ve an outdoor area where you like to enjoy the sunshine, have a drink and enjoy some nibbles, you might find that going back and forth to the kitchen is a bit of a faff. Cue a rotated kitchen cabinet, attached to the wall, with the addition of chains to create a table from the door.

It’s a great low cost way of giving yourself a more permanent service station for your time on the balcony, terrace or in the yard. Buy a set of cheap supermarket glass with which to furnish it and you’re sorted.


Kitchen Towel Roller

Is it just us that finds the awful fake drawer under a Kitchen sinks a bit annoying? If you do too then you’ll probably quite like this idea. It’s a kitchen towel storage spindle fitted into the gap where the fake drawer front would normally be. And if your work surface is deep enough there should be enough room for the towel to be tucked back so it isn’t vulnerable to splashing from the sink, but it is also handily placed for spills.


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