Travel Light when Heading Home from Uni


So, exams are over, the dust has settled on the summer term and it’s time to head home for the holidays.  So how are you getting back? Are Mum or Dad coming to get you in their 4×4? Are you making your own way in an ageing and overloaded Nissan Micra? Are you going to endure the eclectic joys and schedules of public Transport – be it train or bus? Or is home somewhere more exotic, requiring a plane ride?

Wherever you’re going, and however you’re getting there, you don’t necessarily need to lug all your stuff back with you. Here’s our guide on how to travel light if you’re returning home from Uni for the Holidays.

1. Book a Student Storage Unit local to your Uni

If you haven’t got one already, getting a student storage unit near your University makes a lot of sense. It’s a space that you can keep all of the stuff you don’t need to be taking home

2. Make sure everything is clean

Clothes, bed linen, kitchen utensils. There’s a lot of stuff we use as students that can get a bit grubby. And if we’e honest, students aren’t the best at washing stuff as frequently as they might. If you don’t make sure everything is squeaky clean before putting it into  storage though, you might find it isn’t in a very savoury state when you return in the autumn. Discovering your dirty duvet has a developed more of that unsavoury student room odour during the summer is no way to begin next year. A morning in the local or campus launderette should suffice.

3. Consider Clubbing Together

If you’ve got a group of Uni mates who you know you’ll be seeing in the autumn (maybe you’ll be sharing a house with them) then you might all club together for one storage unit. It’ll make packing/unpacking much simpler as you can help each other out, make the most of any free van hire. One of you will have to take overall responsibility for the Storage Agreement and insurance – a position of trust.

4. Make the most of Student Discounts

Almost all Storage companies have a range of special offers for students in London, so make the most of them. You’ll have to show your NUS card to prove you’re a student, but you should find decent discounts over standard pricing. See how we can help you with storage in Wandsworth, Southwark and Camden here.

5. Move in, Go home

Once the term is over and you’re moving out of hall or rented accommodation, get your stuff down to store and then you can head home. Safe the knowledge that it’ll be just as you left it when you return to your studies in the Autumn.

Here’s our man Fergal to tell you all about our units and why they’re a great deal for Students.

If you want to check availability or reserve your unit for the summer break you can use our online tool to get a price and check availability, call one of our friendly team or drop in and speak to us in person.


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