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Kids Den

Child of the eighties? The 80’s children of the ABC Selfstore team often reminisce and share childhood memories of when the world was our oyster and the outdoors offered endless possibilities for exploration. It got us thinking about how the world has changed and made us think how today’s kids are a little less Bear Grylls and perhaps a bit more Rupert the Bear.

Back in the day, no childhood was complete without building a den outdoors. Snapping oversized branches in to shape, discovering spiders hiding amongst the leaves and ensuring that by the time you had finished under each fingernail was enough dirt to create a small compost heap.

Today’s equivalent is the creation of a virtual home on The Sims where houses are built by perfectly placing each brick, without a hint of dirt in sight. Perfect properties within which a perfect virtual family are sent to live.

Those born in the eighties have the scars and war wounds to prove it. These often come paired with an elaborate tale of falling from broken branches, flying over bike handle bars or tripping over an inconveniently placed kerb.

Mario vs Lugi

Meanwhile in the virtual world of the twenty-first century those unlucky enough to exceed their life limit on Minecraft can simply regenerate themselves as good as new within seconds. No risk of injury, no scars and no bragging rights about surviving the highest tree climb of the week, just an opportunity to show off the fabulous palaces they have created in their own virtual world.

Racing on the roads was not only left to the adults of our generation. From bicycles to Go Karts children would build and race on any terrain in all weather conditions. Now, rather than furiously peddling to keep up and surpass those in front, most youngsters put their feet up and exercise their fingers and thumbs in a virtual race of Mario vs Luigi.


Finally, I’m sure we all remember swinging our legs in unison from the local park climbing frame whilst discussing our life woes, everything from the annoyance of continually having to pull up your socks as the elastic begins to fail, through to Mum refusing to let us attend a birthday bash until our homework was done. Now it seems a quick whatsapp or facebook message is the favoured form of communication – – need we say more?!

How we choose to spend our free time or interact with friends will no doubt continue to evolve as technologies develop and new exciting hobbies are developed. So if you want to share your memories with us, drop us a tweet or message before we head back outside for more adventures come wind, rain or shine.


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