A Hanging Gardens Babble-on

There are hundreds of thousands of flats and apartments in London, and whilst not all tenants or owners will want to even contemplate growing their own anything, there will inevitably be some who fancy going green fingered in their living space. So if you’re a fancy yourself as a bit of an Alan Titchmarsh or Carol Klein, but are really limited on space – here’s some inspiration that might get you planting…. 

Small Space Gardens

Whether you decide to embark on an indoor garden because you find your self in need of some ready-to-hand herbs, or because you want to make the limited interior space of your home brighter and cheerier, your only solution will be some for of Indoor garden. And as most of them involve hanging gardens and clever use of space, we decided to babble-on about them as the Hanging Gardens of Babble-on.


Kitchen’s are the obvious place for an indoor herb or salad garden. Getting creative with your wall and counter space and you can make yourself an indoor garden that’s both pretty and practical.

A Gutterly Brilliant Indoor Garden

Guttering is designed to be fixed to your fascia, but it could also be cut to length and fitted to a board to hang on your kitchen wall in a place that catches the sun. Plant it up with all your favourite herbs and they’ll be ready and waiting when you fancy some Coriander in your Curry, or Chives with your Chorizo Salad.

These days it comes in all sorts of colours and finishes to – that might blend in with your decor. Pop down to your local UPVC roofing and supplier and you might even find some interesting offcuts at low cost.

We covered the Jam Jar planter, an alternative indoor Kitchen Garden in our May gardening post, but, it got us thinking – variations on the vertical are a great use of space.


‘Living’ Room Divider

One of the favourite features in many open plan flats and studios is a room divider of some description. It might be to split off the cooking area from the living space. So how about a Living room divider, that’s actually living?

If you’re in to decluttering and minimalist living, you’ll probably have already ditched hard copy books in favour of a tablet or e-reader of some sort.

You can use it in place of the more conventional bookshelf room divider and it will serve you with some healthy food or herbs to harvest for your kitchen.



Living Walls

Plants can be a decorative part of your living space too. These picture frames have chicken wire stretched across the vid where the picture would be.

The wire is then sewn with Moss and flowers and the frames hung on vertical wires stretched between the ceiling and floor.

It makes an attractive internal feature that’s something completely different to those multi part canvas prints that seem to have become stock items in modern flats. If you’re really creative you could even try your own floral arrangements with colours to match your decor – rather than just plain green moss.


Outdoor Space – Balcony or Deck?

You might have a postage stamp sized outdoor space – perhaps a balcony,  deck or porch. Get creative and you never know what you might fit in.

If you are lucky enough to have a small amount of outdoor space then these raised beds area great solution. Raised might not quite be the best way of describing them – perhaps it should be stacked – as they work vertically, on top of one another. It means they are ideal for summer salads and super-food type shoots for those that are watching their diets.

All you’ll need to do is plant it up, keep watered and sit back and enjoy your Al-Fresco meal.





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