Cunning Garden Tool Storage

Gardening Tools. Useful whilst you’re gardening, but a pain in the artichokes to store when you’re not. Mostly that’s because of the mixed sizes and odd shapes of most of the things you need to keep your garden – whatever it is you’re growing – in good shape. From Secateurs to Garden shears, or a half-moon lawn edger – there seem to be all sorts of tools for every possible gardening need.

So now that the sun has come out (and we’re crossing our fingers it will be hanging around for a few weeks) we felt it the perfect time to look at some ingenious gardening tool storage. So if you’ve got some form of garden – but struggle to find a home for the tools you need to care for it – read on… 

Gardening can be rewarding experience. There’s something down-to-earth about growing, cooking or preparing and eating your own fruit and veg – or floral, even something as simple as adding herbs from a small herb garden to a dish you’re cooking can make a huge and welcome difference to flavours.

A Garden Storage Sentry Box

For committed Londoners, the sights of Royal tradition – such as the sentry boxes at Buckingham Palace – stir strong feelings of heritage and connection. So how about this small garden storage shed – available from several online retailers for around £200 – including Tesco Direct? It’s has something of the Household Guard about it. You could break out the Royal Blue gloss paint and get busy with your Harrow and Ball – and if you really wanted to play at being King or Queen, you could add some gold flourishes in decoration. Going the whole hog and gardening in a red tunic and busby hat might not be that practical though, and a bit warm in the height of summer.


Storage Seating

Storage seating isn’t a new idea. And you can buy ‘off-the-shelf’ benches that incorporate some decent space under the seat. But if you’re building decking with integrated seating into your garden you might consider incorporating storage into it. You can use it to keep all the gardening tools and if your space is big enough (and you do a good job of making lining it to make it water and rodent proof), perhaps the soft furnishings for the seating too.

If you fancy having a pop at building your own, there are plenty of online guides around to instruct you through it.


No Garden?

But what about all the poor souls who have no Garden? We couldn’t leave you out – so how do you bring some greenery to your flat – and in a strange paradox – store your garden indoors?

How about this solution for a vertical herb garden using Mason Jars? If you’re handy with the power tools cut yourself several square blocks, bore out the centres with an appropriate diameter hole-saw, buy some 2m lengths of threaded steel (cut to desired height) – and plenty of nuts to screw on. Assemble the Cut the centres out of the Mason jars, fill with soil and your chosen herbs and drop into the holes.

What you choose to plant up is entirely up to you – but Basil, Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Coriander and Oregano would be a great place to start with a kitchen garden.


With recent reports that we’re in for a bumper hot summer (we so hope they haven’t got it wrong this time) ‘t’s likely that there will be plenty of sunny days to get out and enjoy your outdoor space.  Have fun, and if you find yourself in need of some additional storage, you know where to come.


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