Holidaying on a Budget


Let’s be honest: holidaying is expensive. Yet we all lust after that idealistic get-a-way that makes all our work colleagues green with envy. Whether your preference is luscious green countryside, red hot sands or icy temperatures we believe these simple tricks will help shave pounds off the holiday you are so desperately in need of.

Location can have a big impact on the cost of a holiday. There are so many amazing places in the world, but don’t get caught up lusting after a location that may push you out of your price range. After all, no holiday is relaxing if you are constantly worrying about how you will cover the cost. If you’re struggling to find an alternative for a budget-busting location, ask yourself the following questions:

  • City, beach or countryside?
  • Hot or cold weather?
  • Adventure or relaxation?
  • Family, friends or partner?
  • Off the beaten track or a tried and tested destination?

Now you know the type of holiday you are looking for you can use your preferences to whittle down location options and make price comparisons. It could be the location you’re looking for is within the UK, after all a holiday doesn’t have to be abroad.

Booking can be baffling. You’ve got a few location options in mind but now you have everything else to arrange: dates, travel, accommodation, dining, site-seeing; the list is endless. With options like package vs DIY, driving vs flying, hotel vs apartment, self catering vs all inclusive and everything in-between; our mind is blown!

So, lets break it down. You can get an idea of most options available and the price associated with this from famous package holiday sites such as and Travel Supermarket. However be warned, use prices-comparison websites with care as they appear to offer nothing but benefits and can certainly save you money, but, comparisons can be distorted by companies striving to offer the cheapest headline prices by stripping away as many extras as possible, just as the no-frills airlines do. Ultimately, it’s all about research, a little bit of time and comparison across companies could shave pounds off your holiday. We also advise comparing your pre-packed holiday with booking the same package independently.

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If you are booking your travel independently make sure you get an overview of the fares available through a website such as, which shows all the fares available on or around your chosen dates. Don’t underestimate the power of date and time. Shifting your holiday departure date one or two days and traveling in the early hours of the morning could have great financial benefits. Also, if you have to travel in the school summer holidays, go for the latest possible dates. The last week in August and the first in September are normally significantly cheaper than the rest of the holiday period.

Now you have a clear idea of the holiday you’ll be booking you may even wish to haggle! It’s important to note, a room left empty one night or an airline seat that isn’t filled can not be resold the next day. So, especially if you are booking at the last minute try and secure a bargain – especially when dealing with tour operators, travel agents and hotels.

With the location, travel & accommodation all in place at the cheapest possible price, it’s time to think about spending money. Those who are early bookers have time on their side and can save and plan in advance. A ‘Holiday Fund’ jar which must be smashed to be accessed is perfect to build those all important spends and it eliminates the temptation to dip in. For those, like so many others, who are more of the last minute booker there is very little time to save so know your budget and stick to it in order to avoid that holiday spending hangover.

Every penny counts, keep your eyes peeled for deals and you’ll secure yourself the ideal holiday that fits perfectly within your budget.


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