Wacky Storage Solutions for Kids

Umpteen Lego sets (in bits), a Nerf Gun Arsenal (that’s more comprehensive than a UK Forces armoury), twenty seven Dolls with 365 wardrobe outfits each (one for each day of the year)…  whatever toys are your kids passion, they almost certainly have a lot of stuff. And it’s normally it’s out, being played with and messing up their room.

If you’re one of those parents that likes their DD or DS to keep their room nice and tidy, then this blog is for you. We’ve been looking at some clever storage for kids rooms.  Ingenious storage solutions that make the most of the space available, but are also a bit more funky than your average plastic box… 

Doll’s Dorm

If your daughter (or, son for that matter) likes their mini-mannequins, you’ll know how hard they are to store in an orderly fashion. Standard storage of a plastic bucket or  storage box mean a jumble of arms and legs so confusing that your little one might get frustrated trying to find Disco Barbie who’s gone MIA, but was last seen hanging out with with Cheerleading Barbie and Hawaii Vacation Ken.

Well here’s a great solution. We’re coining it the Doll’s Dorm – as it’s like a mass sleeping bag solution to keep your population of plastic people population in.


Ledge-endary Mini Figures

Collecting Mini figures is almost as popular as collecting lego kits themselves. In fact there’s a whole sub-industry that’s emerged in trading in the lego peeps. If there’s a member of your family who’s mini-figure mad, how do they store them? If it’s en-masse in a tub or bowl, then they’ll undoubtedly exhibit similar frustration to the Barbie fans when they can’t find their favourite of the day – the one that they want to play with, right now.

This solution ensures the lego people are stored in an orderly fashion, as well as showing the little dudes – and dudettes – off. It’s quite simple too. Simply glue strips of flat 2 x10 (the Legonsitas amongst us will know what they are) to some grey painted baton (2″ x 1″ is ideal) and then fix the baton to the wall horizontally at equal intervals.


Hot Wheels Multi Story Garage

Those Matchbox and HotWheels toy cars are always a nightmare to store. Throwing them in a box or tub means they get chipped and battered. Having a boy (or girl) that likes their motors might be a sign of things to come.

This home-made storage solution is quite ingenious. It’s an orange box, stacked with ‘sections’ of PVC pipe.

You simply measure the depth of the box and cut lots of sections of PVC pipe to fit, turn it on its end and stack them. You could use some PVC glue (the same stuff plumbers use to glues the pipes in place) to stick the lot together – for a more robust and secure storage system.

You could even use the orange box as a template and remove the pipes after the glue has set, so you end up with a smart pipework multi-story Garage that appears to hold itself up. Some spray paint or Plasti-dip could be used to make it

Or, for a cheaper more temporary option, you could use a cardboard box and toilet roll centres.


Nerf Armoury

Nerf guns are a bit of fun and pretty harmless – so whether you love or loathe the whole concept of guns – we have to accept that toy ones play a part in most kids lives.

So if there’s a small arsenal packed away in your DS’s or DD’s room, they may want to create a storage area to show off their weapon stash.

Install a ‘Perfo’ (Perforated) tool storage pinboard and stick some LED lighting above it to give them the full Doctor Who U.N.I.T. armoury vibe. You can design your board to accommodate all the weaponry, from a tiny pocket sized Jolt to the latest Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage (the one with an 80m range!).

Of course, if your storage needs extend beyond the confines of your home, a unit with us might be just the solution you’re after to create extra space. You can check availability, get a price and book online right now, all over on our main website.