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If you’re about to start your final year at Uni you might be doing some mental preparation. It’s crunch time. You’ve got to knuckle down and study so your summer exams are more light breeze and less foreboding whirlwind. Unless you happen to be one of those people we all admire – god’s gift to whichever subject you’re study – your final degree is unlikely to be a breeze to graduation. You’ll need to be organised and uncluttered – physically, mentally and metaphorically.

So how do you do that? We say pair it all back and keep everything neat and tidy – we look at the was and means that you might employ to do just that… 

Your final year at Uni can be a stressful time. After all, your whole University life has built to your final exams in the early summer. They’re the reason your here.  So it stands to reason that you might fret a bit about how much were is to do  have to do and how well you’ll pass your degree – will you be happy with nothing less than first class honours or would you happily settle for a 2 II ? Whichever direction you’re approaching it from, there’s a surefire way of keeping the stress down – and that’s to keep everything in your life uncluttered

Nutrition & Food

Eating junk food round the clock is not great for your brain. We’re told daily about the dangers of processed foods that high in sugar or fat. If you’re feeding yourself on a diet of stuff that the body has to put a lot of effort into breaking down (yup – that’s pretty much most junk foods, processed meals and some meats), you’ll be doing yourself no favours at all. Any energy you’re using to digest, you’re taking it away from your brain.

Keeping you diet healthy will make you feel better, mean you have more energy for longer and don’t suffer a blood sugar rollercoaster. It’s also important to get used to drinking lots of water. Staying hydrated  is the friend of learning.

Downtime, recreation and exercise

What you do in your spare time is as important as what you eat. Spending it to out drinking and partying every night like you did when you were a fresher will mean you’re in less of a fit state to study and learn. Find time for a balance of activities that do one of two things – allow your brain ‘space’ to process everything it is learning, or something that takes your mind off everything completely.

Exercise such as running or cycling for between half an 1 hour are a great way to get blood to your brain for processing, whilst taking up a new sport or hobby that that require high levels of concentration are a great way to switch off entirely. By getting the blood pumping you’ll be oxygenating your brain, which will help you when it comes to the mental effort required in your studies.

Space and Surroundings

The physical space you live in can have a huge bearing on your wellbeing and your emotional resilience towards your final year. Waking up or coming home to a messy, dirty, cluttered space is not good for your mojo. It doesn’t take much to keep your space neat and tidy. Do the washing up, make sure your bed clothes are changed regularly, keep on top of the pile of dirty washing so you don’t have stinky socks and underwear lying around. Having neat and tidy surroundings will all help with a neat, tidy and clean state of mind for study.

If you find your room too cluttered with the trappings of 2+ years of student life – and you aren’t in need of that stuff daily – then a self storage unit is a great way to keep your room clutter free. You might for example need different study books at different points throughout term. If there’s lots of them, then keeping them all in your room will mean a claustrophobic working environment that is hardly good for study and revision.

You can find out more about our London Student Self Storage over on our main website.


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