2016s Must Have Presents for Kids

Christmas Gifts

As the run up to Christmas gathers momentum – it’s time for part 2 of our must have presents series. And this is where we get serious, because it’s who Christmas is really for…  the kids.

You’ll remember we sent our ABC Elf to speak to Mr Claus and get the ultimate insider take on presents for the adults. But that was only the first part of the conversation. Here’s the really important bit, where the man in the red suit tells us what the munchkins will be desperately hoping will be under the tree for them this year… 

ABC Elf, “So Santa, thanks for taking the time to tell us about the best presents for kids.”

Santa, “it’s my absolute pleasure. It’s just them I exist for really, so no problem at all.”

ABC Elf, “So what’s going to be big in 2016?”

Santa, “Well, there’s a lot to choose from. I get millions of letters from boys and girls all over the world, but there are some things they ask for more than others. Sometimes that’s because they’re genuinely things they want, other times because it’s the craze of the year. So I’ll try and cover a selection that will help everyone.”  

ABC Elf, “Great, so what’s creating a big buzz?” 

Santa, “well there’s always Lego, it’s a dead-cert for boys and plenty of girls are big fans too. But for 2016 it’s a combination of bricks and Dinosaurs that’s sure to be a massive hit with the kids. Lego seem to be particularly good at partnering up with major movie franchises – and for this one it’s Jurassic World. The Indomius Rex was the bioengineered super-dino that went on the rampage – and he’s available as part of a big set. £125 it isn’t a cheap set, but shop around and you should be able to find it for £99.99 – try Smyth’s Toys. Of course, there are plenty of smaller lego sets available if your budget won’t stretch to the big scary dino.” 

ABC Elf, “Lego – always a hit. I’m pretty sure there’s a fair few hundred thousand pieces stored away in our units by domestic customers! So what else?”

Santa, “Well anything Nerf gun related is a pretty good bet for the boys (and girls). But this year the N-Strike Elite Terrascout RC Drone is a Robot Drone that brings together two kinds of plaything into one super-cool piece of kit. It’s a Radio Controlled vehicle a Nerf canon mounted on the top. So now you can sneak up on your big brother and totally Nerf him. You’ll have to be canny though – whilst I’ve got a good stock of these on the sleigh, they are extremely hard to come by in UK shops. So online auction sites are a good bet.” 

ABC Elf, “Well, that’s very much the boys covered, what about the Girls?” 

Santa,“Well first up there’s the Selfie Mic. It’s a Microphone on the end of a selfie stick which is great if your Darling Daughter wants to sing it like she’s on the X-factor – and it means she can record herself too. It’s pretty inexpensive at around £20, and available from most Toy retailers, do check if it is compatible with the software on your make and model of smartphone before purchasing.”

Check it out courtesy of Argos, who retail it at £19.99 

ABC Elf; “So what else is a great Toy for Girls in 2016?”

Santa, “Well -if Mrs Claus is anything to go by – women do like a good shop. And if you’ve got a daughter who is in to Barbie, then the Malibu Mall is sure to be a hit. She can take a trip to the shopping arcade without leaving her bedroom. The set comes complete with a Malibu Mall and Two Fashionista Dolls, and retails for around £49.99. Just make sure Barbie brings Ken, so he can stand around looking bored whilst she tries everything on. Start as they mean to go on, ho-ho-ho.” 

ABC Elf,“Ha-ha Santa, of course I know you don’t really mean that, but it’s funny. Have you one last present idea to share that might suit all the children in a household?”

Santa, “well, if you’ve seen the John Lewis Advert, it looks like trampoline’s are going to be popular again this year. But I’d suggest something you can all do. In fact, it’s not something I can bring down the chimney or something you can buy in shops. It’s simply spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. Ho-ho-ho Have a Happy and  Merry Christmas!” 


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