Crazy About Canapés

There are many things to celebrate over the festive period, catching up with friends and family, sending out Christmas cards and watching films in front of the fire. However there is one element of December the team at ABC Selfstore are big fans of… food. Not just any food though, canapés.

There is something so entrancing about miniature food that makes any event feel special. However, most people don’t realise how easy it can be to make such delicate little treats and what’s more the majority of them can be prepared well in advance. This leaves you more time to enjoy the mulled wine and festivities.

As crowds descends for Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve drinks, there has to be something to soak up all the booze and a bowl full of well-fingered peanuts just doesn’t cut it.

There are many tricks to achieving great canapés, such as making sure all recipes can be cooked at the same temperature in the oven. As for decoration, canapés should be appetising and certainly not fiddly. Life is too short to be tying a chive around a bacon parcel or stuffing a cherry tomato with a parsley leaf.

Instead, roughly chop herbs, or take a handful of pomegranate seeds, and scatter them over the whole platter. Some will land on the food, and the rest will look charmingly insouciant (just like the host).

Aim for ten canapés per person for a long party and arrange just one kind of canapé per platter, so guests don’t hold things up while they choose. If you need something quick and easy the following are sure to be a treat for your guests and won’t leave you in the kitchen for hours.


Chorizo-stuffed mini peppers. Sweet peppers the size of chillis are a fairly new arrival in supermarkets, and are perfect canapé fodder. Add a bit of extra chilli if your chorizo isn’t that spicy.


Soft boiled quails eggs with a smoked salt. Quails eggs will be sure to delight your guests, especially with an added drizzle of rich truffle oil. The dipper is just a delicious salty mix in which to roll the eggs – a simple yet very satisfying canapé.


Blueberry and Stilton blinis. Put your Christmas cheese platter classics to good use with this easy canapé. Top the blini with salsa and add a blueberry for a little twist. It not only tastes good with Stilton but with cheeses like Brie, Camembert and Leicester.

We’re fans of all canapé recipes, so if you have any more to share tweet us @ABCselfstore


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