A Fresh Start: January Might Be the Ideal Time to Move House


January offers each and every one of us the chance to start anew and make a positive change in our lives (the first one usually being migrating from festive jogging bottoms to jeans or trousers). That said, what better way to shake off the cobwebs and leap into an exciting new chapter than by moving home?

As the economy starts to stabilise, more and more people are moving home. In fact, last year more than 365,000 people moved home in the UK, an 8% rise on 2014 – and the number is expected to keep on rising well into the new year.

It may be true that London has taken a public battering in recent years in the wake of rising rents and a city-wide housing crises, but the word on the street (or in the press) is that things are seriously looking up.

According to a recent report, UK housebuilding has hit a seven-year high, with a total of 37,080 affordable new family homes in construction between October and December 2015 alone, up 23% from the previous year. Sweet. Oh, and the good news is that London is benefiting from this boom, with a whole host of new-builds popping up all over the metropolis.

With a cluster of building developments in Southwark and the South Bank, as well as housing projects stretching out to London’s surrounding green belt, plus plenty of first-time buyer options, there’s never been more choice or indeed chance, to buy in London and experience living in a new part of our mighty capital.

If you’re a private renter and looking for a change of scenery or an upgrade on your current pad, it’s good news too: the abolition of astronomical letting fees. Recently, after the autumn budget was announced (the time when the price of booze, fags, and chocolate usually goes up), it was announced that lettings agents in England would be banned from charging fees to tenants, as soon as possible. Particularly in London, it can cost up to £1,600 in admin fees to rent a new home, so when the fees are cut away, that money can be saved or spent elsewhere – you could pimp your home up pretty nicely for £1,600, if you’re savvy.

A study by the Guardian states that price wise, certain sectors of the housing market will fall by around 1% in 2017, meaning that despite the impact of Brexit, there is still a solid chance of bagging yourself a new home.

When you’re thinking about starting a new chapter, moving to a shiny new home more often than not promotes happiness, fulfilment, and fresh thinking. If you are considering taking the plunge and moving to a new property, relax, take your time, explore you options, and find something that’s perfect for you. And if you need to time mull it over between homes, we have a range of London-based self storage options just for you.


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