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If you’re a student in your first or final year (or, in fact, any year of study in between) – returning for your second semester at Uni can be an exciting time. The New Year burns bright and brings the promise of lots of exciting things – not least lengthening evenings, you’ve got friendships made that you’re eager to get back to, and of course, there’s your all important studies. So what will you focus in for 2017? We thought it’d be fun to take look at how four different student personas might approach the second semester… 

The Here to Learn…

The Here to Learn student is exactly that. At Uni to make their studies the be-all-and-end-all of their University education. Not for them the distractions of the Student Union bar or sports clubs and societies. Even the debating group seems like a distraction to the here-to learn.

The first place to look for them is the library, it is also the last place to look, because – barring an on campus disaster of apocalyptic proportions – that is here they’ll almost certainly be. Head buried in the entire reading list for the second semester course units. In fact, even if you’re sitting next to them, you’re probably better off texting them to get their attention. Even then  you might have to wait until they come up out of the books for air. You’ll probably only want to get their attention for one reason though – to ask advice on some academic writing or content of the essay you’ve only just started, but that they’ve been working on for three weeks. During lectures they’ll be taking furious notes and paying deep attention to the teachings on the topic of the day.

The Sports and Socialite

Sports and socialites are members of lots of clubs and societies. You’ll find them on committees, organising lots of  competitions, leagues and minibuses to get teams to inter-Uni venues or events. The Sports and Socialite is generally well liked, but struggles to keep up with the academic workload – mainly because they’re a lot more focussed on their sport or society. They like to keep busy and let their hair down, so you will find them in the bar mingling wit the party animal’s. More often than not though they’ll stick to the mineral water and bid an early good night – as they need to be fresh ‘for the game’ they’re playing in tomorrow. During lectures they can be seen on their phones or laptops, usually organising the team sheet for the next fixture and organising where their teammates need to meet the minibus.

The Party Animal

The Party Animal’s habitat of choice is the Student’s Union bar and accompanying entertainments venues. When they’re not out actually partying, you’ll find them on Facebook organising the next social gathering or party for their peers. Attendance of said party will undoubtedly result in copious amounts of drinking and playing of loud music until campus security come and close the party down or the sun comes up (whichever is the sooner). Party animals rarely attend morning lectures and on the rare occasion they do turn up will have a pale, gaunt and dehydrated complexion and probably sleep most of the way through it.

The All-Rounder

In truth – not many students fit any single one of our personas. It’s all about balance, so it’s likely you’re deciding to knuckle down with the academic readings, get active with one or two clubs or society’s and party hard – all in equal measure. And that’s a good recipe for life, it shouldn’t all be work and it shouldn’t all be play.

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