New Year, New House – the Entrance Hall

Welcome mat in front of an open door

2017 is in full swing – albeit it’s only 23 days old – so, it’s time to delve into the detail with  our “New Year, New Home” series. And up this time it’s the Entrance Hall. We take a purpose orientated look at what a well appointed hallway needs to have and how to balance that  After all – it’ll be the first thing people see when they come to visit, and the last when they leave. So here are some thoughts on how to make the perfect entrance…


If you, or your visitors, are coming to a front door after 4.30pm at this time of year – it’ll be in the pitch black. So some form of outdoor lighting will be essential. LED is the way to go, but of you shop around you should be able to find motion activated LED lighting. The really clever ones give out a low level illumination, but brighten as someone approaches. So they’re nice and subtle until the world needs a little more illumination.

Style and Tone

When styling your hallway could go for something contemporary, or you could go for something in keeping with the age of your home. Of course, that might be both. Many entrance hall’s have a bit less natural light as they tend to be long, narrow and with few windows. If that’s the case with yours then light colours on the walls are essential, so pastels or good old Magnolia will help keep it all bright and airy.  If you have a classic Town House though – then you might want to opt for a dado rail to split the colour of the room.

Storage Fixtures and Fittings

A cluttered hallway can be a big frustration. Especially if there’s more than one person in the household using it at the same time. So making sure you’ve got the right fixtures and fittings to keep everything that’s needed accessible but tidy is essential. Coats, boots, scarves, shoes, brolly’s hats, gloves and bags are just the basics – your hallway clutter might include dog leads & toys, cycle helmets, scooters… the list is huge.

Fortunately this half-tables where the circular dial telephone used to live – taking up room – are largely a thing of the past, but organising that little lot is a good plan. So a shoe store and some kind of rail with coat hooks and storage for hats, gloves and scarves is  useful addition.

Decoration & Wall Art

Boring bare walls can make any room seem pretty cold. So if there’s a bit of open space on your hallway wall after you’ve sorted the storage, fixtures and fittings then a bit of decoration might bring it alive. You could head to Ikea or The Range, both have good selections.

If you’re feeling really brave then perhaps a family photo shoot might give you some inspiring content to adorn your hallway wall. There are plenty of media options these days too. So you could have a tasteful Canvas, go big with come bespoke wallpaper, or even have something made in custom vinyl.

Keep an eye out for the next entry in our New Year, New Home series when we focus on the most sociable room in the house – the kitchen.


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