New Year, New House…

moving house

We can feel it in our bones.  2017 is going to be a good year. No, really, it is – it all makes sense if you think of the Third Millennium as a teenager. In 2016 we had a grumpy, angst ridden 16 year old – and using that as the benchmark, there’s not really anywhere to fall. So we’re upbeat about the 2000’s turning 17, which traditionally brings a more mature outlook, a less shouty attitude to the future and new responsibilities to get used to.

We all have responsibilities and the biggest is usually meeting the mortgage or rent payments – especially here in London. The good news is that property prices in the capital – post the 2016 EU referendum – have stopped rising ahead of the national average for the first time since 2008. Experts are predicting that property price growth will slow down over the next 12 months. Which is  good news if you’re looking to move in 2017, because with record low mortgage borrowing rates, it will should mean a more stable, predictable and affordable market.  So what better time to get excited about focussing on a new home in 2017 – whether you’re renting, buying or moving up.  Here’s part 1 of a new series, a new room-by-room look at the trends and to consider if you’re furnishing a property in 2017…

Before we get on to the individual rooms, we thought it best to look at the property as a whole. How you furnish and decorate your home will depend on several things – not least the form, aspect and space available inside your new ‘four walls’.


Is your property modern or old? The form of the building will have a huge bearing on what will work and what won’t. Newer build properties can be furnished and decorated with contemporary furniture from favourite flat-pack stores such as Ikea or The Range. Older ones on the other hand might require more authentic pictures, furnishings and fittings. Exposed brick walls (a-la London wharf style flats) or beams will lend themselves to more classic furnishings.


The aspect (the direction the property faces) will have a huge impact on the amount of light your property benefits from. That in turn should influence the colours you choose to decorate your place with. Use dark colour son a north facing building and you’ll be spending a lot of money on electricity for lighting in the winter. Brighter, lighter colours will help ensure that your property is airier and there’s also an argument that the more light there is bouncing around, the better it is for you – in the vitamin-D stakes – at least in the summer months.


The amount of space you have available will have a huge bearing on how you furnish your new home. An older property is likely to have large, lofty rooms, which might play well to chunky or ornate furniture. Newer builds on the other hand tend to be smaller, so you’ll have to consider clever furniture that can perhaps incorporate storage – for example built-in Divan storage under your bed.  If you’re really stuck for space, you can always rent some more at your local ABC Selfstore facility.  We’ve got branches in Southwark, Camden and Wandsworth.

Next up in our New Year New House series, we’ll focus on the Living Room – well, you’ve got have somewhere to chill once you’ve moved in haven’t you…


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