New year, New Office

Group of young creative people moving to their new startup business office. They all carry boxes as a team. Selective focus to two men in foreground talking while carry boxes.

There are plenty of reasons you might want to move office in 2017. Upsizing. Downsizing. Up-plushing. Cost-cutting. Even as a Brexit precautionary strategy. Or your maybe commercial landlord has decided to call time on the premises. Whatever the reason behind it, if you are moving office soon what do you need to think about? Of course there’s all the mundane stuff like Desks, Furniture and transferring ICT, and we’ve covered the benefits of getting a self storage staging post before. But we thought it could be fun to take a lighter -hearted look at the familiar things you might take – or leave – if you’re moving office in 2017…

You’ll want to take…

Office Mugs

Every office kitchen area has them – and we don’t mean the new recruits. An assortment of mugs brought in by the team. There’ll inevitably be one that says ‘the Real Boss’, which belongs to the CEO’s Personal Assistant. There’ll be a generic “You don’t have to be  mad/alcoholic/broke’ to work here but it helps” from assorted nameless colleagues.  World’s Best Dad – belonging to that co-worker with the 3 month old who currently can’t recall what day of the week it is – or their journey to work.

That colleague who must actually live at the office

There’s always one. Even when you turn up for work early he or she is there, greeting you with a smile as they tap away on their keyboard. And then when you work late and are expecting to be the one who turns off the lights, they’ll appear and say, “It’s OK, I’ll be here for another half an hour”. Do they sleep under their desk? If they don’t then where do they go when they finish work and – most importantly – what do they do for downtime, because it must be really effective. You’ll definitely want to ensure they stay with the business once it has moved as they are almost certain to be the most productive employee in the company. It will be important to recreate their desk space as best you can in the new premises, so they feel at home.

Pot plants

Whether it’s a massive Cheese plant in the reception entrance, or more modest garden of desk based potted Peace Lilies or Jade. Alternatively, if you’re a bloke a low-maintenance Cactus is sure to work well. There’s something about a bit of greenery that brings civilisation to the workplace. Maybe it’s the extra oxygen plants give off – counteracting the stale recycled air-conditioned fog that you could cut with a knife – or just the fact that it makes the place look a bit more habitable. Whatever, some nice greenery is definitely worth moving to the new office.

Desk Toys

Newton’s cradle is the well known classic. But there are so many more. From Stress busting squishy balls to Operation style buzzing wire, desk toys are an essential part of corporate life. Maybe your 5 minute break corporate toy of choice is a nano drone that you can fly around the office, or perhaps something a little more competitive that you can invite your colleagues to take part in – like a mini skittles set.

But You’ll Probably be Happy Leaving…

The (Really Awful) Free Coffee Machine

Coffee machine’s that churn out free brown liquid that tastes more like dissolved garden soil seem to be common in offices throughout the land (although not at ABC Selfstore we hasten to add). You’ll have a love-hate relationship with it. You’ll hate the fact that the coffee is more like watered down mud, but love the fact that its products give you unbridled caffeine hit opportunities to  jump-start you as you get in, mid-morning, after lunch and just before the journey home.

The Dodgy Brown Stain on the Carpet.

Theories on how it materialised will have long been a central feature of Office Conversation, but the reality is that no one really knows. Some will claim it was a stray ‘Up against the Wall’ cocktail being mixed by Josh from marketing at the 1999 office Christmas Party? Others that it was an incident in 2005 when George from Accounts toppled three Large Latte’s and an Americano – which he was balancing on a lever arch archive box during his turn to make the coffee run. Whatever force of office stupidity was responsible for it, no one has ever had a decent crack at cleaning it, and it won’t be missed at the new office. Although there will be a resulting void in office bants – due to the absence of need for theories on the origin of the stain. Don’t fret though –  unless the new place had solid floors – it probably won’t be long before there’s another one.

If you are moving Office in 2017, we hope it goes smoothly – and if you need temporary business storage in London during the move, we can certainly help.


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