10 Golden Rules to Avoid Annoying Your Student Housemates


Winter is starting to wind down which means it’s time for a spring clean – and if you’re a student, you should think about decluttering your university life by having a big old tidy up.

As we all know, doing a big tidy up is only half the battle when you’re living with fellow students, and it’s easy for people’s living habits to get on your nerves.

Cohabiting isn’t easy, but by following ABC Selfstore’s 10 golden rules to not annoying your student housemates, your life will be a whole lot easier, and more productive in the long run…

1. If you agree to doing chores on the rota, make sure you keep them up and provide a valid excuse if you can’t do them on any given week.

2. Make sure no one gets short changed by chipping into a cleaning supplies fund. As little as a fiver each a month will do.

3. Don’t leave empty pizza boxes, beer cans, and wine bottles next to the bin. Walk over and put them in the recycling box (or bag, whichever applies).

4. When you use the last of the toilet roll, don’t leave the empty tube dangling from the holder. Replace it with a new one.

5. For goodness sake, use bleach and the toilet brush. You know what they’re for.

6. If you’re a massive hoarder, hire some self storage to avoid cluttering your home and getting in your housemates’ way.

7. Run the shower head around the cubicle or bath tub after use; it will make it a more pleasant experience for the next person who uses it.

8. Keep you toiletries in your room to avoid confusion or clutter. If you have one of those cheap colognes from the market, keep it away from humans at all costs as it might cause a nasty rash, as well as an unpleasant smell.

9. When you want to use the washing machine, don’t just dump the wet clothes in there on the floor. Find out who they belong to and ask them to remove them, or wait your turn.

10. Make sure you keep your room clean, tidy, practical and homely. This isn’t for the benefit of others, it’s so that when your housemates are annoying you, which inevitably, they will, you have a pleasant sanctuary in which to hide. The best way to avoid cabin fever.

There you have it: 10 golden rules for being the world’s best student housemate. We hope you have a pleasant time during your years as a student, and if you need do need to move out, you know who to call (hint, it’s not Ghostbusters).


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