Declutter Your Business With Our Tip-Top Commercial Spring Cleaning Tips #Part2

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In part one of our guide to decluttering your business with our commercial spring cleaning tips, we offered you top tips on how to tackle even the messiest of offices.

If you took the time to tidy up your commercial affairs and get rid of all the stuff that’s been clogging up your working life, then good for you – you’re probably feeling pretty proud of yourself right now.

While your paperwork will be in order, your premises will be sparkling, and your breakout area will be tidier than one of Mary Poppins’ blouses, your electronic affairs may be in a mess. Many people don’t think about electronic clutter, but it’s just as important as the physical stuff, well almost.

So, to do the most thorough spring cleaning job possible and reach commercial Zen you’re going to have to login, knuckle down, and get your desktop in order.

Take out the virtual trash

Much like a big smelly old dustbin, your computer’s trash folder holds heaps of old stuff you no longer have any use for – so get rid the contents. Methodically, go through each file and folder on your PC or laptop, including the downloads folder (there’s always tonnes of unwanted garbage in there), and delete anything you no longer have any use for, being as ruthless as humanly possible.

Once you’ve delved into every nook and cranny of your work station’s brain and got rid of all of the files bogging you down (business logos 1999, really?), go to your trash folder and hit that delete permanently button. Ah, and breathe.

Scrub the network decks

If you employ more than a couple of people, chances are you are all linked via a network, perhaps controlled by a server. Firstly, get everyone in your office to carry out a cleanse of their personal desktops, giving them an hour or so to complete the task.

Secondly, either yourself or under the guidance of a proper techie IT guy or gal, run a cleanse on all of the folders, files, and unnecessary programmes lurking on your network, and get rid of them for good. Virtual storage and peace of mind guaranteed.

Label all of your files sensibly

Now that your virtual affairs are as slick as an oiled up whistle, you’ll want to file them to finish the job. Starting with your personal desktop and storage areas, sift through each file and folder, renaming everything in plain, understandable language. For example, if you have a file that reads, ‘financial proj-001’, find out when the document was first created and if it was a projection for 2008, rename it ‘Financial projections 2008’. Simple, easy to find, and better to file.

If you have files in separate folders that you feel you can combine, make sure you do so – don’t be scared. Delete the redundant folder and all of a sudden, you’ll find that you have even more storage space, virtually anyway. Repeat this process for all of the files and documents on your shared system and you’ll feel lighter, brighter, and more efficient in no time.

Behold the cloud

All behold the mighty cloud. When we say this, we don’t mean go outside and look at the sky (it might be raining); we simply mean the virtual cloud that lives on the internet which is equally as magic.

So, you’ve gone to all the effort of sorting out your computer files and making them easier to access – but what will you do if you lose everything all of a sudden?

The best way to protect yourself against such an event is to back all of your key documents by saving copies of them to a cloud-based service like Dropbox or Google Drive. Not only are these great collaborative tools, but you’ll also be able to sleep at night because in the event that a plague of zombies rise from the dead and devour the contents of every commercial office in London, at least you’ll know your financial books and office Xmas party photos will be safe.

We wish you the best of luck with your big office spring clean and should you need any physical self-storage facilities, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at ABC Selfstore.


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