Declutter Your Business With Our Tip-Top Commercial Spring Cleaning Tips #Part1

Office folders.

When people think about the term spring cleaning, they usually think of the home. But despite spring cleaning being a primarily domestic pursuit, decluttering your business is perhaps one of the most priceless things you’ll ever do – trust us – we’re a self-storage provider.

Believe it or not, the failure of some start-ups is a direct result of chaos and disorganisation – so before your commercial prospects head straight down the toilet, why don’t you straighten things out with a good old fashioned spring clean?

You might be able to afford to hire in cleaning staff for the job, but where’s the satisfaction in that? Plus, you are going to be the one who steers your ship in the right direction, so you’ll want to make sure that you know where everything is in the office.

Now, spring cleaning is spring cleaning, and it involves decluttering, rethinking antiquated organisational systems, and making everything sparkly. That said, rather than give you a massive rundown on how to disinfect your desks or clear up your kitchen – allow us to take you to our spring cleaning guide which comes complete with hints, tips, techniques, and the obligatory marigold reference. Check it out, get to work, and we’ll be here waiting for you when you return.

You’ve set aside a whole working day, cleaned up all of your mess, and jettisoned those horrible office ornaments and takeaway leaflets from 1999. Good for you – feels great, doesn’t it? You’re one giant leap closer to a cleaner, brighter, smarter, and more efficient business.

The big thing that sets a business spring clean apart from a domestic spring clean is the fact that once you’ve carried out the basic elements of the operation, you have a chance to dig a little deeper and improve your commercial processes.

There are two types of efforts you can make when commercial spring cleaning: physical updates and virtual updates. Right now we’re going to take you through a few physical updates that will help your business ten-fold:

File your paperwork

Particularly when you’re talking about tax purposes, paperwork is vital – which is why you need to file it away correctly. When you reach the mounds upon mounds of paperwork during your spring clean, you should take anything that is out of date or unimportant and put it through a shredder, before piling it all in boxes and placing it into the recycling bin.

Everything else should be moved into piles based on importance, type, date, and department, before being given their very own separate filing area which is tidy and easy to reach. Colour code everything and type up your ‘colour coding system for filing’ which you can then place on the wall proud as a peacock – just don’t forget to follow it!

Rearrange your furniture

The way in which desks are arranged can really affect an office environment. Take a step back and assess whether you could create more space by moving the desks, and if you can, have them, so they face each other rather than line up in a row – this will create a more open, more collaborative working culture.

In addition to this, don’t be afraid to put up a few motivational pictures or framed posters, a few funky lampshades, and a few bright throws – you’ll be amazed how this can serve to lift your mood on a rainy day.

Spruce up your staff area

If you or your staff don’t have a comfortable place in which to sit, enjoy their lunch, and have a chin wag, morale will plummet pretty quickly.

It may be an extension of our previous point, but it's important: make sure you add a bit of vibrancy to your breakout area with plants, flowers, pictures, posters, throws – and if you can – update tired old furniture. Also, ensure every communal cupboard is clearly marked and if you have any housekeeping rules you’d like to enforce, display them on the wall, politely (you don’t want people putting bad things in your tea) to ensure everything stays in an orderly fashion.

We hope these business-based spring cleaning tips have proved helpful and keep your eyes peeled for part two – coming soon.


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