How to Keep Your Student Accommodation Clean Without the Help of Mum and Dad


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There’s this stigma lingering around that students are lazy, dirty, and smelly. Well, here at ABC Selfstore we know that’s simply not true (although there are always a few exceptions).

So, to help you prove everyone wrong and show the world, or at least your mum and dad, that you can keep your digs in order without them, here’s a quick fire student’s guide to keeping your halls or student home sparkly and clean…

Get into spring cleaning mode

When it comes to being a student, motivation is everything. We know you have many things to juggle including lectures, studying, coursework, and social events, and you don’t want cleaning eating into too much of your time.

Whether you live in university halls or a shared house, it’s important to take a look at your schedule and find a spare three hours for that initial big clean (for more information, check out our definitive spring cleaning guide), followed by a subsequent two hours per week to keep up appearances.

Write down the times you have free for cleaning and punch them into your schedule on an ongoing basis. Once in the diary, you’ll be able to visualise what you need to do and get yourself into cleaning mode.

To incentivise yourself further create a Spotify or YouTube playlist to rock out to while you’re cleaning – trust us, it will make the process a whole lot more fun.

Create a cleaning rota

Even if you live in your dorm room alone (although this will prove especially effective in a shared situation), a cleaning rota will help you keep on top of things and distribute your efforts evenly.

Before you start any cleaning rota, you must talk about the cleaning rota, so people know the cleaning rota exists (sort of the opposite of Fight Club). Once everyone is on board, sit down and discuss how you’re going to divvy up the work: will it be a rotation of duties or assigned weekly chores agreed upon by your other house or room mates?

Finally, create a spreadsheet or printed timetable that includes a list of all tasks, broken down by time and date, plus the person responsible for each chore and either distribute it electronically (Google Drive Spreadsheets is particularly useful for this kind of task), or display it loud and proud in a communal area of your home.

Keep on top of your mess

Even though you’ll have a clearly labelled rota in operation, the best way to save time and over exertion is by keeping on top of things.

More of a mindset than a technique, keeping on top of things as they happen will ultimately make your ship as tight as a duck’s behind, leaving you more time to enjoy the things you love most, like sleeping.

To do this successfully, here are a few cleaning hacks to live by:

● Wipe up spills and mess as they happen

● Allocate yourself only one bowl, spoon, pot, cup, glass, pan, knife, and fork and wash them up immediately after each meal. Stow your eating utensils away in your personal cupboard

● Make sure everyone keeps their toiletries in their respective rooms to avoid mess and clutter

● Bleach the toilet after each major use

● Cleanse the fridge of rotten matter each week, agreeing that anything unclaimed will go straight in the bin

● Keep the rubbish bin by the front door to make it easier to take it out when it’s full Keeping your student accommodation clean and tidy is quite a task when you’re a busy student, but a clean home is a happy home, and with a little organisation your living situation will be more pleasant in the long run. It’ll get mum and dad off your back too.

And for more self storage tips, housing news, and cleaning hacks, read more on the ABC blog.


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