How to Spring Clean Your Hallway

Next, in our ultimate spring cleaning series, we’re going to focus on the hallway. Hallways are perhaps the most overlooked parts of any home as they simply serve as a walk through, rather than a bonafide space of leisure. But, they do get filthy, and if you’re going to spring clean your home properly, you should shine up your hallways too.

Entrance hallway decorated with a single potted plant

Without further ado, here’s how to clean your hallway, or indeed hallways in true style: Gather your cleaning kit (the ingredients) Much like when you’re cooking dinner for someone you’re trying to impress (even if half way through you wish you had ordered a takeaway), it’s no good having a recipe without the key ingredients. So, before you even brush elbows with a piece of dust, here are the cleaning supplies you’ll need to gather:

● Durable cleaning cloths

● Strong surface cleaner

● Window cleaner

● A vacuum cleaner

● A mop and bucket

● A long handled feather duster

● Floor cleaners with a scent of your choice

● Specialist cleaners like beeswax polish for wood

● Bags or boxes of rubbish or clutter you would like to donate to charity

These are your core cleaning ingredients. If you’d like to get yourself some lavender (it smells great and is good for cleaning most surfaces), or source some rare cleansing potion from the Outer Hebrides, we’re not going to stop you.

The definitive hallway spring cleaning method

You’ve got your kit, donned your apron, and you’re raring to go. So, time to get started:

● Take down light fittings, give them a good clean, and return

● Use your feather duster to clean all skirting and ceiling fixtures, working from top to bottom

● Vacuum and wipe down blinds and vacuum any air vents, use your cleaning products to thoroughly clean your window sills

● If you have a hallway big enough to have bookshelves or cupboards in it, take out all the contents, decide which items you’re going to keep (be as ruthless as you can), clean everything, wax and polish cupboards/bookshelves and replace, neatly

● Clean any other surfaces, putting plenty of elbow grease into it

● Clean off and light switches and lamp shade bases

● Polish any woodwork with beeswax

● Vacuum, mop, cleanse and polish floors

● Marvel at your amazing work and go grab a drink, or treat yourself to a bite to eat – after all, the hallway is no easy spring cleaning feat

There you have it: our foolproof guide to sprucing up your hallways. If you’d like to know more about our London self storage services, drop us a line – we know plenty about that subject too.


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