How to Spring Clean Your Kitchen

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Recently, we offered you a glimpse into the dusty origins of spring cleaning and gave you a foolproof guide to sprucing up your home, complete with an obligatory mention of marigolds.

Now, as self storage experts, decluttering and making space is something we’re very passionate about, and in London especially, we know just how important personal space can be.

To offer you even more practical spring cleaning tips for the home, we thought we’d delve a little deeper and dish the dirt on making your kitchen ship shape and shiny during your annual deep cleanse. Without further ado, here they are:

Pull everything out

The kitchen is one of those places where dirt, crumbs, grain, grease, and other unknown alien entities find themselves in the most obscure places. To do a proper spring clean of your kitchen, you’ll need to grab everything out of your cupboards, making sure you leave the contents in their respective piles. Next, you’ll need to pull any kitchen furniture into the middle of the floor or place them in another room to create a practical space.

Before you clean anything, look at your piles of stuff and jettison anything you deem inedible or tatty without a moment’s hesitation – there are bound to be old biscuits, out of date jars of jam, and suspect Tupperware boxes in your cupboards – so get rid of them.

Clean from top to bottom

Being free of unwanted food items and endowed with plenty of space with which to work, you will now be able to carry out a deep clean of the kitchen. Start with the top of your upper kitchen units, moving down to the sink and worktops, and always finish with the floor, applying plenty of elbow grease and working methodically through the room. Take your time, there’s no rush – when you’re waiting for the floor to dry, you can enjoy a nice cuppa.

Tackle the dreaded oven

Ovens get filthy and the prospect of cleaning them is enough to make even the cheeriest among us feel utterly miserable, but it has to be done. Oh, you’ll feel so much better afterwards, believe us. Rather than slathering the oven in Mr Muscle, try a concoction of equal parts salt and bicarbonate of soda, and enough vinegar to make it froth into a spreadable paste, and a squirt of lemon juice. Scrub gunk from the corners with wire wool, a sponge, an old toothbrush and a scraper – not only are these products cheap, but they’re also really efficient and will save you a lot of grief in the long run.

Have a glass of wine or a beer

If you’re partial to the odd tipple, kick back for 20 minutes and sip on a beer or glass of wine – you’ve just tackled the over after all.

Descale the kettle

Descaling is often overlooked, but when you're spring cleaning, it’s your chance to get it done and enjoy less flaky tea or coffee as a result. You could use descale sachets, but as it’s a soft acid, vinegar is just as effective, if not more. Add half a cup of neat white vinegar to a kettle filled with water and leave it to sit overnight – this should remove any surface scale. Voila, a clean kettle – don’t forget to give it one final rinse before you use it.

Don’t forget the fridge and freezer

Food goes in and out of your fridge all of the time, so it’s bound to get dirty. To clean it successfully, follow these steps:

● Pull out all food from fridge and freezer

● Trash any food that is expired, old, or just plain nasty

● Wipe down shelves

● Wash ice cube trays

● Pull out drawers and wash, then put them back (obviously)

● Put food back in an orderly fashion

Put everything back

Reunite all of your food, utensils, appliances and misc items with their homes, taking time to tackle each cupboard or shelf one at a time. As a side note, if you any grains or pasta you have lurking in its original package, transfer them into sealable jars – not only does it look better, but you won’t end up throwing it on the floor accidently in the middle of the night.

And finally – enjoy – well done.


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