The ABC Benefits: You Only Pay for the Days You Stay


According to research, the average Brit will move home eight times in a lifetime, and even more in London. That means moving all of your worldly possessions from A to B.

There’s no doubt about it, moving is stressful – and it’s not always smooth. If you can’t move from your old home to your new home with one swift operation, choosing a safe, reliable, and economical self-storage solution is essential. That’s where we come in.

If you’re a Londoner and you live, or you’re planning to live in or around the Boroughs of Camden, Wandsworth, Southwark, we’ve got it covered. We have a host of customer perks and for those in the throes of moving home or office, we’ve got a corker of a benefit: you only pay for the days you stay.

The vast majority of self-storage providers will charge you for a set period, usually on a rigid monthly basis. If you need to move your things before the agreed date, you’ll still get charged for the rest of your stay. Also, if you stay even a couple of days past the agreed date, you’ll lose out as you’ll usually have to cover the charge for the rest of the month.

Costs can rack up, but with ABC Selfstore, we keep them to a minimum. As you only pay for the days you stay, you won’t get charged for your absence, and it all boils down to our golden rule: We treat all our customers how we’d like to be treated ourselves.

We’re not like the big wigs; ABC Selfstore is a family run operation which means we care about the customer and their needs on a personal level.

Here’s what Simon, one of our longstanding Camden-based customers had to say about us…

Much like Simon, lots people in The Big Smoke have so much stuff that it doesn’t quite fit into their home…

Not long ago, Mary, a single mother with two children needed to store some furniture and old appliances with us until she found a suitable home, or space for them. She signed up for two months and in the end, used us for just over six weeks.

When we reminded her she didn’t have to pay for the entire agreed period, she was delighted and used the extra money to put towards a trip for her and her kids. Magic.

We’re delighted when things turn out like this, and we pride ourself on helping people, as well as providing the best service possible.

So, if you need a little breathing space or you need somewhere to store your things during a move, give us a shout, we’ll be happy to help.


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