Growing #1: New Arrivals

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It’s April. Spring is at full tilt. Out in the sticks the bluebells are starting to carpet the woods. Lambs, foals and fawns are leaping around the fields and woods. And Chris Packham is in training for an extended stint on the telly for Spring Watch – watching everything and anything that is growing.

Here in London though there are all sorts of other growth spurts going on. From expanding families to accelerating businesses or students multiplying their knowledge. Londoners are growing in so many ways – so what better time to focus on additions, advancement and  than April? Which is why growing is our theme – so here’s the first in our series in why you might need to grow your space this spring…  and we’re starting with New Arrivals…

London’s Baby Boom

If 2017 is anything like the most recently available set of statistics for 2015 – there will be almost 130,000 babies born will be born in the capital this year. That’s a lot of redecorating, nursery furnishings, baby clothes, toys and other essential baby care paraphernalia. If you’ve got an upcoming appointment with the stork, you’re probably going to need to make room for newborn. Unless you’re lucky enough to own a huge London pad with a subterranean extension or loft conversion, it’s probably going to mean a change of use for one room in the house.

So what are the things you’ll have to think about? Firstly there’s the ‘in-room’ stuff. You’ll almost certainly want to redecorate – so it can really help to know the sex of your child (in case you were going to keep it as a surprise). Unless you plump for a gender neutral design scheme you won’t want to be redecorating after big day. If you’re sorting the room on a really tight budget, then charity shops or furniture recycling schemes are a great place to source pre-owned furniture at a great price.

Trend-wise, there’s always the classic pink & blue. But if you’re more of a fashionista, and want to start your newborn off on the road to being one of London’s more stylish and hip residents (and why not) then there are some graphic trends that are cutting edge in 2017…

For Girls

Floral patterns, big flowers and frills are likely to be big. And we mean big as the trend is for massive printed wall art and wallpapers.  Cover one wall and then paint the others in a light neutral complimenting tone and you’re newborn will have the chicest nursery in the baby group.

For Boys

The great outdoors – in particular Mountains – is big on the horizon for boys bedrooms this spring. Once agin we’re talking great big wall art that you can stick on relatively easily. Take your pick from stylised illustrations or printed photos that you apply as a sticker – there’s plenty to choose from.

If leaving it until the birth to find out whether your child will be a girl or boy, then you could always cover both bases with an alpine meadow. If you’re super creative and handy with a paint brush, you could always paint it yourself too – there are plenty of helpful youtube clips to show you how to do it. Like this one:

If you are choosing to prepare the nursery room well in advance, there’ll inevitably be lots of stuff going out – as you’ll need to make room for more specialist furnishings coming in. A cot, a nursing chair, a sideboard, a changing mat – plus some cuddly toys and a mobile are pretty much de-rigeur, but don’t forget you’ll also need storage for the pushchair/buggy and a car seat.

The outgoing things might be stuff that you want to keep and if space is as tight for you as is typically the case in London, that’ll be a challenge. You could ship it all out to family and friends, you could take it to a charity shop/recycling/freecycle, or you could put it in storage.

If the last option sounds like a plan then we’ve got the perfect solution. Storage units at ABC Selfstore range from small lockers up to big rooms and you’d be surprised to find how much you can fit in one. Out storage team can help you work out exactly the space you need , so you’re never paying a penny more than you need to. If that sounds like the perfect solution as you prepare the nest for your New Arrival, then give your nearest store a call and they’ll be able to talk you through the range of options. Don’t forget tell them them the stork sent you.


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