London Through the Looking Glass: Southwark

Standing loud and proud just south (or saaaaf) of the river, Southwark is a London Borough with bundles of heart and soul, as well as a vibrant and longstanding history.

Created back in 1965 when three smaller council zones amalgamated under the LondonGovernment Act 1963, Southwark is home to mighty city landmarks including Borough Market, London Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Tate Modern, and of course, The Shard. What’s most striking about Southwark, besides its proximity to the Thames, is the fact that it’s a place where old and new sit side by side seamlessly.

Brand new housing developments stand next to old cobbled streets and grand historical architecture, making it one hell of place to go for an afternoon stroll. Oh, and if you like your food and drink, you’re in for a real treat.

Eating and drinking in Southwark

Now, it would be a crime to visit Southwark without hitting up Borough Market. As one of London’s longest standing artisanal foodie markets, Borough has everything edible you could think of – and more – all under one roof.

Slug down champagne and oysters, chow on lots of vegan and veggie delights and if you’e feeling particularly carnivorous, try to tackle a sausage roll from The Ginger Pig – it’s a porking great wonder of a thing, and there isn’t a better savoury pastry in the land.

Of course, all that eating is thirsty work so while you work your way through iconic Southwark spots like The Clink, The South Bank, and its various local museums and galleries, you should stop off for a tipple, or two.

These pubs should do the trick…

  • St Christopher’s Inn
  • The Goldsmith
  • The Royal Oak
  • Lord Nelson
  • The Rake

Green space in Southwark

Not many people know this, but Southwark is one of London’s greenest areas. With 130 parks and open spaces, there is so much to offer from leisurely strolls and sports activities to historic jaunts and great picnic spots.

Some of the parks in Southwark have won Green Flag awards and among the most epic of the bunch are Southwark Park, Guy Street Park, Dickens Square, and Potter’s Field Park, among others.

When the sun’s out, Southwark is epic – but with all the choice, good luck picking where to go. Southwark is home to a wonderfully balanced mix old time locals, young families, and professional couples looking to make it in the Big Smoke.

As a result, there is a host of different homes to buy and rent in the area for a range of budgets, as well as a bunch of new-build developments currently in the making.

Southwark is a fantastic place to live, work or visit. If you’re moving in or around the area and you’re looking to store your stuff, or if you’re running a business and need somewhere to operate, our Southwark store has everything you need to make the process as easy as ABC.