London Through the Looking Glass: Tufnell Park

London Cityscape with St, Paul's cathedral in the view

Famed for supplying the backdrop for Simon Pegg’s epic comedy Spaced, Tufnell Park is smack bang between Kentish Town and Archway – it’s a pretty cool London spot and you should pay it a visit.

In pursuit of the bright lights of Camden or the bohemian-edged Kentish Town, people often overlook Tufnell Park, but they’re missing out. Old TP is a pretty interesting place and here are a few quick-fire facts about the place…

Despite the name, the area doesn’t have its own park; its name came from grand estate-building aspirations of the mid-1800s, which turned dairy farms into the rows of robust housing.
Beloved artist Ford Madox Brown created his most notable painting, Work, while living at Number 56 Fortess Road. It doesn’t look like it does today, of course.
Not many people know this, but there used to be a piano factory tucked away opposite the tube station. Currently the new Future and Found, the space was probably known for creating some of North London’s best melodic masterpieces. Head to The Stingray on Fortess Road, and you’ll enjoy the cheapest and best pizza in the postcode.

If you are out and about in the Tufnell Park area, make sure you don’t miss out on these local gems…

Food Shops on Fortess Road

You’ve already heard Fortess Road mentioned a few times, that’s because it’s the main drag. If you’re looking for fresh local gourmet delights to take home or enjoy al fresco later in the day, there are endless amounts of foodie boutiques to browse at your leisure. Make sure you don’t miss out on Meat NW5 – it’s great.

Aces and Eights

Part pizza joint, part dive bar and part rock & roll haven, Aces and Eights is right across the road from the tube, and it usually cranks until the early hours. Grab yourself a booth, get yourself a feed and drink shorts or cocktails until the cows come home – all while listening to the rock sounds of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and naughties.

Boston Music Rooms

If after all that pizza and all those cocktails you’re up for a bit of live music, the Boston Music Rooms is a must. Rather conveniently, it’s just across the road from Aces and Eights and it’s always packed with London talent. Grab yourself a pint, find yourself a spot and prepare for a rock & roll show that will blow your socks off. Sometimes it closes around midnight but if you’re still in the mood for a drink and a dance, you can always head back over to Aces and Eights. Or, you can grab the bus to Kentish Town.

We hope you enjoy Tufnell Park as much as we do and if you want to really make a day of it, why not combine this with our Kentish Town, Highgate and Archway guides?