Student Talent Pool Imminent

If you’re in Business and need staff over the next few months, there’s a whole pool of talent about to be at your disposal. With the University summer break imminent, a massive temporary workforce is about to be available the businesses of Britain.

One way of approaching it is to advertise temporary vacancies, pay the minimum wage and promote that you’re recruiting extra people as seasonal staff. But another, more altruistic approach – and one that is infinitely better for business long-term – is to offer a development package or internship. The upshot of that is that you’ll probably attract the more go-getting and ambitious talent that’s interested in improving their skills, as well as earning some much needed holiday funds.

If that’s something which could work for your business how do you go about it? Well, read on, because we’ve done a bit of the homework to point you in the direction of the most helpful resources…

Student Storage

Some business leaders are ruthless. For them it’s all about the bottom line, making as much money as possible. Some take a more holistic view. That investment in trust and training of people pays off in the long-run. Some even extend that philosophy to part-time or temporary personnel.  That can be good news for the student workforce, many of whom will be on the look out for roles that will hone essential workplace skills that they won’t be learning at Uni.

So if you’re an employer looking – for the first time – to offer a bit more than the opportunity of labour in return for the minimum wage, how do you approach it?

Contract Type

First off you’ll need to decide what sort of contract you’re offering. Will it be fixed-term contract? The much criticised Zero-hours approach? Or work experience and Internship. Fortunately, have a whole A-Z that outlines everything you need to think about in terms of contracts and employer responsibilities. It also covers Pay (minimum wage rates differ by age) Holiday entitlement, Sick leave, Part-time workers rights – in fact, just about everything you need to make sure you’re complying with employment law. You can access it right here.

Health and Safety

Your Health and Safety responsibility to your workers is paramount. You’ll probably already have Risk Assessments galore for your current crop of staff. Ensure that your new recruits know them inside out for areas they’ll be working. That helpful A-Z we mentioned has a whole section on Health & Safety at Work.

Training Programmes

You’ll stand head-and-shoulders above your competitors of you’re able to offer some kind of training package around the role you’ve advertised – for the whole period of employment. Offering that something ‘extra’ should help you attract the best talent. Young people who are hungry to learn and develop essential workplace skills.

Your training package might include instruction on something that is an industry standard, a framework, some software, even good old face-to-face customer service.  Whatever that package looks like, some will be specific to your line of business, whilst others will be the all essential transferable skills.

If you do have Internships to offer then it’s well worth registering with Graduate Talent Pool – they can help you advertise your vacancies and opportunities direct to the your intended audience. You’ll find the Graduate Talent Pool designed to do just that – plus wider advice on Recruiting and Hiring over on


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