Uni’s Out – Will your choose Plan A or Plan S?

Student Storage

Last week we took a light hearted look at the impact that scholarly undergraduate children returning for the holidays might have on parents. We considered the lifestyle changes about to befall Mum and Dad, with tongue pressed firmly in cheek. We thought we should balance it with an altogether more useful blog entry. So, here are some ideas for storing the stuff of your nearest and dearest, once they’re safely back at family HQ.

When students come home, they bring back – at the very least – a roomful of stuff. If you’re parents of Undergraduates, the chances are that stuff is heading for what’s become the family spare. So how do you prepare? Well we call it Bin, Wash, Store

If you’re going to deploy this technique,  important to involve the your returning academic. After all they’re young adults. They should be able to handle these basic and essential life skills.

BIN: Start with what’s not needed. Black bin bags are the weapon of choice for this. Sort through it all and get rid of everything that’s rubbish. That is unless you want to rediscover it at the next loft clear out in 2028. Most likely it’ll be a bag or two of Student Unions flyers featuring Club nights and Social gatherings with all sorts of hip sounding names and Psychedelic branding.

WASH: Once that’s done, you’ll want to sort the washable from the non-washable. It’s not just clothes – there’s the kitchen utensils, bowls plates and cutlery. Then some quick-reminder instruction on how to load the dishwasher, washing machine or put marigolds on. The washing line and airing cupboard might also require a few pointers on usage too.

STORE: So everything is clean and dry. The non-washable stuff that’s not going to be used over the summer – like books, essential paperwork and sports gear – can be packed away and stored. If you’ve got loft space, that’s a good place, alternatively investing in a few new storage boxes is a good idea, they can even be stacked in the corner of your temporary tenants room.  Clothes that aren’t needed during the warmer months (like winter coats, gloves, scarves and boots) can be boxed until the autumn return to University.

If that all sounds like a bit of an unnecessary drag, let us propose a ‘Plan-S’ alternative. Yep. You’ve guessed it. The ‘S’ is for storage.

Rather than cart everything up and down the country at the beginning and end of term, you could rent a storage unit close to University campus. If that’s in London – maybe Birbeck, King’s, Brunel, Goldsmiths, Imperial or City – then our Camden or Southwark branches can help. We’ve got Storage units in a variety of sizes to suit a variety of needs.

Just don’t forget to ensure your student visits the laundrette before storing away the bed linen and other soft furnishings they may have used in their student dorm.


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