Enjoying the Garden in Summer 2017

Summer BBQ

Summer is upon us and the big yellow ball in the sky has been offering us some quality airtime meaning we have all been out, enjoying all the outdoor space London has to offer. But some are lucky enough to have potions, courtyards and balconies of their own. If you’re in that ducky demographic, there are many ways you can enjoy your ‘garden; this summer. We thought it would be fun to take a sideways look at the ways most Londoners will be spending their downtime  through the french-windows…

Gin, on the Patio, darling.

When the sun is out and you can wear short sleeves, there’s something about that last little bit of the daily commute. The walk along a leafy suburban street – from the tube station, the taxi drop off at the end of the road, or nearest on street car parking space you could find. Arriving back at your little redbrick haven of safety, a tiny piece of the London suburbs that you’re lucky enough to call home is always something of a relief.

If you’ve got a room share, bedsit, flat or even house that has a little bit of outdoor space, there’s nothing like the anticipation of kicking off your work shoes with a nice cold G&T (other alcoholic beverages are available)

Harvesting Herbs, Fruit (and Flowers)

When you’ve polished off that G&T, you’ll be turning attention to what to have to eat. You might decide (if work was really tough) that it’s time for a takeaway – but if you’ve managed to keep it restrained with the post-work giggle juice refreshments, you might also fancy indulging in a spot of cooking.  If you’re into flavours yo’ll probably be growing your own kitchen garden herbs around your outdoor space. There’s nothing more satisfying to the aspiring home chef than harvesting a clutch of fragrant herbs and then including them in your meal. Likewise if you’re growing some fruit – from trailing tomatoes to juicy strawberries, it’s amazing what you can group in a pot in the garden these days.

You might also be growing some flowers to make the space look nice. From Pansies to Geraniums

Cue, a BBQ Weekend

Altogether: in your best Homer Simpson voice, ‘Mmmmmmm. Steak,’ (Vegetarian options are available and will be cooked on a separate section of the Barbecue). When the sun is out and friends are available, an impromptu barbecue is the perfect antidote to Sunday Lunch.  A communal cooler box full of Ice, Beer, Wine and Cider. A mountain of marinated meats and vegetables to suit every taste, all carefully cooked by the men as they huddle round the grill, trekking cave stories, meanwhile the ladies sit on the big outdoor sofa and gossip over a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or five.  It’s a social occasion, an ideal opportunity to

Just Chilling with Book

If you really need to escape the stresses and strains of London life beyond the garden gate, then it’s hard to beat a sun-lounger, neatly manoeuvred to catch the evening rays and then a book (or e-reader) to immerse yourself in some fantasy. The beauty of reading in the garden is that you’ll know when it is bed time, because the natural light starts to goes out.


Yes. Unbelievably, a good number of people like to potter in the gardening doing the erm, gardening. Tending to flowers, nursing the raised bed box of veg. that sort of thing. It’s a great way of spending time in the garden, and you’ll be doing it in the knowledge that when you do stop and sit back, relax and be able to gaze proudly on the fruits of your labour.

A Super-Soaker Fight

Things can sometimes get really hot here in the capital – and let’s face it, when that happens it can be stifling in mid-summer. In such circumstances there might be nothing else for it. The only way to properly cool down is with a super-soaker fight out back. Why not nominate two teams and set an objective with offence and defence? Even in small gardens there’s usually plenty of cover for you to stalk and strategise behind..

Then again, if everyone in your street is too hot… maybe it’ll become a new take on the London Street Party.