ABC’s 7 Amazing Golfing Facts

“It’s good sportsmanship to not pick up lost golf balls while they are still rolling.” – Mark Twain

The Open at Royal Birkdale may be over, but we’re still in the mood for golf, after all, there are so many great places to hit a ball in and around the capital.

If you’re feeling sporty and thinking about heading down to the golf range to work on your swing, these seven fun golfing facts may well give you the inspiration you need…

One. The one and only Samuel L. Jackson is an avid golfer. In fact, the star of Pulp Fiction, Black Snake Moan and Django Unchained has a contract clause that allows him to play golf twice a week whenever he films movies.

Two. Ever heard of NASA? Of course, you have. Well, NASA estimated that if hit into space, a golf ball would travel about a million miles before burning up in Earth’s atmosphere. Wow, that’s a fair amount of steam!

Three. Invented in 1926, mini golf as we know it today was called Tom Thumb Golf. It was invented  by a Mr Garnet Carter.

Four. The longest ever drive is a whopping 515 yards. What’s even more impressive is the fact that the longest putt ever is a colossal 375 feet – that guy or gal must have had massive biceps.

Five. Golf is one of only two sports, along with the javelin throw, to have been played on the moon. In 1971, Apollo 14’s Alan Shepard whacked a ball with a six-iron, swinging one-handed as a result of his pressure suit.

Six. In 1457, golf was banned in bonny Scotland by Parliament as the powers that be believed it interfered with residents’ military training. This prohibition was put into place twice more, in 1471 and 1491. Almost 300 years later, The Royal Golf Club of St. Andrews was founded.

Seven. We’re not sure exactly what golf was called before (perhaps just smacking balls at holes with sticks?), but the earliest known use of the term golf was used when King James banned it from being played.


We hope you’ve enjoyed these amazing golfing facts and this has got you in the mood to get out there and hit some balls or at the very least, talk about hitting some balls with your friends in the pub.

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