House Sharing Hacks for Second Year Students


It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, sharing a house or flat with others can drive you to breaking point – especially when you’re trying to get a degree.

We know that moving from halls to a house share is a big step and that in many ways, year two at uni is often the most demanding.

So to make sure you can hack your year-two house share, here are a few student life hacks just for you…

Choose your number of housemates carefully

Everyone is different, and there is no magic number of people to share a home with, but when you’re looking at committing to suitable student digs, consider this…

  • Sharing with one other person with little house share experience could increase your sense of cabin fever and lead to increased friction
  • Sometimes, three really is a crowd, and if there is a dispute, you run the risk of someone feeling ganged up on.
  • Generally, a mix of male or female housemates, perhaps four or more, prove to be most successful as you can create a social sense of camaraderie while being able to disappear into your own space unnoticed when needed – plus there are more people to share the bills!

Make up rotas for communal areas

If you want to sit in your bedroom and study up to your neck in unwashed underpants and empty beer cans, that’s up to you. But, if your communal areas are left in a mess, chances are your place is going to become uninhabitable, fast. Plus, arguments over who washed the dishes and took out the bin will kick off pretty swiftly.

So, from the outset, sit down as a group over some snacks and drinks and draw up a cleaning rota, making sure everyone agrees  – and stick to it. Of course, you’ll always get a slacker or two, but on the whole, your home will run relatively efficiently.

Get a do not disturb sign for your bedroom door

House sharing at uni is great: the parties, drinks, gatherings and hungover Netflix sessions – but if you need a little peace and quiet to nap, study or ‘entertain’, a do not disturb sign should make it clear that you want to be left alone – well, in theory anyway.

Enjoy your shared spaces

When you’re sharing with people, having respect for one another is essential, as is getting together socially. To make sure you live in an environment where being social is encouraged, transform your shared spaces into neat, tidy, quirky, fun, comfortable and well-decorated havens.

If you’re looking for ideas to transform your lounge or kitchen into an amazing living space for you and your housemates, check out this Pinterest board for inspiration.

We hope these tips will help you this coming academic year and don’t forget to enjoy yourself (make sure you study too). Oh, and if you’re looking to maximise your personal space, check out our student halls hacks as some of these tips might come in handy.


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