So You’ve Seen Your Exam Results. What’s Next?

Exam students

If you haven’t yet seen your exam results, we have a little guide to help you manage the stress on the lead up to judgement day.

However, if you’re one of the vast majority of students who have seen their exam results – whether they are good, bad or average – you might be wondering what to with yourself now. You also might be asking yourself, what’s next?

Now, we’re not talking about your applications, clearing and conditions as such, but what you can do with your time to enjoy your summer, remain productive, and remain positive.

Without further ado, here are a couple of ABC pointers…

First of all, if you didn’t quite get the results you were hoping for, there is a helpline and service to help you gain clarity and guide you through those all-important next steps. To find out all of the exam results services available to you, visit My World of Work.

Stick together

Remember we advised you and your friends to plan the big exam results day in advance? Whatever you do, make sure you stick together for the rest of the summer. Whether you’re absolutely elated at your exam results or you’re a little deflated, being around your friends is the best tonic. If you did get the result, you were hoping for, use your positive energy to pep up friends that are perhaps a little down in the dumps. Help one another prepare for your next chapter, offering help support and advice and plan plenty of fun things to do.

Oh, and get away for a summer trip. In life, making memories is possibly the most important thing of all – and by going on an epic adventure with your pals, you’ll not only prepare yourself for independence, but you’ll have a bloody good time too. If you can’t get away, check out these tips on making your garden (or your folks’ garden) into a staycation.

Endless possibilities

Although it might not seem like it, in life, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

If you did get top notch results and you’re in the process of packing for your first choice student halls, good for you. If things haven’t panned out exactly as you planned, remember, this is not the end, it’s only the beginning.

It’s rare that anyone walks the path they originally planned step by step, and it’s often in those tweaks and changes where the best, most significant things happen. So, embrace the change, enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones, study your options and make the rest of this summer the best one yet – goodness knows, you deserve it.

Whichever way you look at it, you’ve got the pressure of the exams out of your system, and you’re heading for exciting new life changes. You’re young, talented, energetic and free and that, without a doubt, is worth celebrating.

We wish you all the very best of luck, and if you do need to store your things while you move digs, please don’t hesitate to give us a tinkle – we’re a friendly bunch.


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