Studying Abroad

With A levels behind us, and the possibility of university on the horizon, many young adults face having to balance the desire to explore the world and experience new things with returning to studies and the possibility of studying for further qualifications. With such a dilemma, many students as what’s the better option and where would you learn the most?

It seems that perhaps there’s a fantastic opportunity to combine the two desires by studying abroad?! It offers the best of both worlds of continued studies and a fabulous opportunity to explore the world. However, before you pack your bags and jump on an airplane there’s plenty to consider to make the most of the opportunity…

Choosing where in the world you wish to study and what you’re going to study is not always an easy task. With so many factors to consider do you opt for the big city or the small university town? Do you want arts and culture on your doorstep or world-class sporting facilities? Or do you let your course choice lead the way? Finding the perfect mix of academia, culture and nightlife will constantly have you with your head in your hands but once you’ve cracked the perfect recipe, you won’t look back!

Whilst you dream of the days you’ll be able to take a walk on the beach in the evening or stroll around artisan markets, you’ll need to remember to brush up on your language skills as you don’t want to come unstuck when ordering your early morning pre-lecture coffee. Remember the importance of language if you’re to become a local in your chosen location.

Before you get caught up in your idyllic day dreams it’s important to be aware of the cost of studying abroad. There’s no need to enter a state of panic because there is a myriad of funding opportunities available to make studying abroad more affordable, including scholarships, fellowships, studentships, sponsorships, grants and bursaries. Although, if we could give you one top tip it would be you will always need more money than you think.

After you’ve made your decisions, completed your research and got closer to the moment of packing your bags, it’s time to start getting excited – or maybe not. Although there’s no doubt you’ll have an amazing time, it’s only natural to be a bit fearful of change and facing new and challenging experiences. As time passes the sheer excitement of starting a new adventure will make any remaining worries seem minor. What’s more, there’s a certain reassurance that comes with knowing that home will always be there waiting for you.

Studying abroad may not be as simple as packing your bags and hopping on an airplane tomorrow but the experience will be second to none. What are you waiting for? Pull out the world map and start discovering the possibilities of studying abroad.


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