It’s Autumn – remember there’s no such thing as darkness

It’s the Autumn equinox – the point at which daylight hours equal the length of nighttime hours. It means that from here-on – until March 20th 2019 (the spring equinox) there will be more night time than daytime. Boo.

For some that means it’s time to start getting excited about Christmas and its build up. Oops. There. We went and said the C word. Others, who like to get philosophical about the seasons (and the astro physics behind how they work) might be pondering the fact that that darkness doesn’t physically exist – it’s merely a word to describe an absence of light – there’s one to explain to your eight year old next time they are afraid of the dark. Then there are the practical folk, the people who are good at preparing for winter…

..those that like to ensure the wood pile and coal bunkers are well stocked, that there are plenty of winter blankets for the bed, checking that the summer preserves are fermenting nicely, and that the garden has been trimmed and cleared ready for the first frost and, of course, that the chimneys are swept and clear. Errr, somehow landed in a Dickensian novel there, anyways – the principle of getting ready for Winter is well established.

In 2018 it’s more like stowing away the surfboard, wetsuit, windsurfer, kite, wakeboard, (insert the summer sport of your choice here) as well as the outdoor furnishings. You might be lucky enough to have a clean and dry place to put it all – such as a decent garden shed or spare store room. Or you might be leaving it outside to brave everything the great British winter can throw at it. Whether that’s frost, snow, floods, 100 mile an hour winds or an uncharacteristically dry winter is anyone’s guess. Even the meteorological boffins are pretty rubbish at predicting the long range weather. Even if you have the best of sheds, you might find, come spring, the mice have found the soft furnishings make an extremely good winter bed.

An alternative option (or a solution if you lack any storage facilities at your home) is a self storage unit here at ABC Selfstore. It’s a self contained space that you can use to keep almost anything you like – including all the paraphernalia of summer. You only need to rent it for the time you need to store those things too. So if the great British weather decides to burst into a heatwave during the second week of March – and you need the garden seating, cushions and barbecue – you’ll be able to move your stuff out of your unit until next Autumn.


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