Kid Has Gone To Uni? You Want the Spare Room?

You’ve packed your son or daughter off to their shiny new university, proud as a parental peacock. You feel a piece of you is missing, but also something has been gained. You have extra space, more toilet roll, a fuller cupboard and fridge. Oh, and technically, you have a spare bedroom. Ah, the possibilities.

Armed with this newfound information, you gleefully skip on over to your son or daughter’s sort of former bedroom, but when you look, you’re reminded of how much you miss them.

The room is still full of their pictures, posters and belongings and they rain down on you with emotional comfort. Now you have a dilemma (and they’ve only been gone a few hours): you want the space, but you can’t bring yourself to get rid of their stuff.

Well, you can have the space and keep the stuff. Here’s how…

Handle with care

First things first. Grab a bin bag, or three, and go through every nook and cranny with a fine tooth comb, getting rid of anything you deem to be trash: old tatty pants or socks, empty cans of pop, rotting trinkets, you get the picture. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have a better space to work with.

Next, go through the room, carefully boxing up big to medium-sized items, placing smaller, more fiddly bits and bobs in labelled Tupperware containers and rolling up posters neatly with elastic bands. Remove everything from the room and place it in a neat pile somewhere.

Store what you can’t stash

If you’d like your kid’s room for personal use, but you’d still like it to remain a sleeping area, sell the bed and replace it with a space-savvy, good quality sofa bed. Instant floor space.

Next, anything you feel you can’t store or stash somewhere, use smart decorative storage solutions that will make the room look tasteful (even quirky) while keeping your kid’s stuff in the room while remaining out of the way.

Looking for inspiration? Our ABC guide to student hall storage hacks (**add link**) will help.

Keep the dream alive

Chances are, when your son or daughter comes home to visit, they’ll have the hump at the prospect of you morphing their room into some sort of home office, exercise zone or creative space.

To provide yourself with comfort and appease your kid (to some extent, anyway), pick a few of their things from the pile of stuff you’ve extracted from their room and make a small shrine. Maybe put a few of their pictures and knick knacks up on a shelf and frame their favourite poster to display in the room proudly – comfort for all.

Stash and stow

Get the pile of remaining stuff and seal it or wrap it, so it’s nice and safe, and place it somewhere dry in the basement or attic, if you have one. If you’re at capacity, find a local self storage provider that is trustworthy and reliable and place your kid’s stuff there – a safe place your son and daughter can gain access to when they’re back in town. Simples.

We hope these tips have helped and if you live in London and need to store your kid’s belongings, we have three top notch branches to choose from.


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