Summer Wardrobe Out – Autumn Wardrobe In.

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Ready for autumn? Well if you’re not, you better get ready quickly, because it’s arrived. The nights are drawing in, shadows are lengthening, the weather has turned windier and wetter – and more telling than anything, mornings have become fresher and cooler. The musty aroma of the onset of Autumn is in the air and leaves are on the ground. The last of the ripe-for-picking blackberries are turning mushy and spiders are spinning their webs.

That means it’s time to pack away all those summer things, get the hats, gloves and scarves out and prepare for the lottery of darker, wetter, crisper, frostier, cooler mornings and evenings that make up a British Autumn. But if you’re putting away your summer wardrobe and want to stay ahead of the fashionistas in 2018 what should you be putting away and what might you bag up for your favourite charity shop…

Summer clothes

There’s something slightly sad about packing away clothes from your summer wardrobe, but unless you’re jetting off to the Caribbean in the next few weeks, it needs to be done. But if you like your fashion, what should stay and what should go? What are the trends on the catwalk for summer 2018 collections?

We’ve had a sneaky look at some of the Spring and Summer trends emerging at the first Autumn fashion weeks.

Lemon, Keen as Mustard

More than one fashion house featured lemon yellow’s and mustard as part of their catwalk. It’s a classic summer colour, so if you’ve got anything yellow hanging in your 2017 wardrobe, then it is definitely one for the storage box as it will be just as relevant next year.

Stripy, Stripy, Stripy

If you likes stripes, and your 2017 hangers have plenty of bands on blouses or rosy ribbons, keep them in for next year. X&Y planes – and everything in between – seem to be on the cards, so whether your current crop of barcode tribute textiles are horizontal, vertical or diagonal, they should still work next year. Once thing we have spotted is that thicker stripes might be better. Yup, there’s going to be fine line between which stripes work in 2017 and which will be ‘so-2017-darling’.

All Tied Up

You might think it’s all a bit Shania Twain, but oversized (and cutaway) shirts look set to be de rigour. We’d call it a tied and tested look and can certainly see this working at the beach. If you’re chucking out some of your Hubby or Boyfriends’ work shirts, try them on. You never know, they could end up being a staple of your 2018 wardrobe – especially if they’re nice and stripy.

Long Coats

So we all know that the great British Summer is even more unpredictable than getting a Southern Train in or out of London – which means you’ll still need a light coat at some point. Well if there’s something in your wardrobe that’s long and flowing (trench coat or classic Macintosh) – then that should fit right in. The bigger the buttons, buckles and lapels the better. So if the one you’ve got is a a bit too reserved, get yourself some coaster sized buttons to stick on and maybe a big buckle belt to finish it with.

Slitted Sleeves

Unfortunately, in 2016, sleeves were all about the flare. That’s progressed for 2018 to a slitted cuff and forearm.  So you could send your flared blouses to the great charity shop at the end of the high street – or you could take the dress making plunge and get handy with the scissors and the sewing machine… that way 2018 style is just a hem (or two) away.

Dungaree Do’s

If you’ve got some summer dungarees you were thinking of ditching in the textile bank, folded waists look set to be flopping around at the front for Spring and Summer in ’18. So hang on to them. If you are getting handy with the seamstress-ing then take them off above the knee. Make yourself some shorts with a fold down waist and you’ll be rocking the beach car park like a catwalk diva.

Lounging about

autumn, clothes, wardrobe

Fashion has become relevant even if you’re hanging out at home. It’s not enough to be slouching around in last-years’ loungewear. In 2017 it’s all going to be about the robe. But not just any robe. Fancy floaty robes that kind of mirror the long coats with bigger belts and fancy folded lapels. It’s unlikely you’ll have one of those in your 2017 wardrobe. But if you do, hang on to it. That way, even when no one can see you making breakfast on a Sunday, you’ll be catwalk ready.

If you are going to be throwing clothes out, be sure to donate the good stuff to charity, and anything that’s not worthy of a coat hanger take to your nearest textile bank.


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