Winter is Coming: Top Winter Storage Tips for Space Strapped Londoners

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In the words of GoT, Winter is coming.

Okay, we don’t mean to sound ominous – we do have a vibrant autumn (hopefully) to look forward to after all. But chances are, if you’re a Londoner, if you’re lucky enough to have a garden, it’s probably quite compact. And if you don’t, you won’t want to sit surrounded by your summer stuff all winter.

So, in that case, preparation is everything.

If you’re a space strapped Londoner and looking for neat ways to store your summer gear over the winter, thus creating a neat, tidy, zen-like environment, these tip top storage hacks from ABC Selfstore (that’s us) will help…

The big cover up

Now, if you do have a bit of outdoor space and you want to protect your garden gear when the harsh weather hits town, make sure you weigh everything down with bricks, blocks or garden pots filled with compacted earth.

Grab tarpaulin sheets from the local DIY store and cover up large items like garden tables and chairs, tucking or sliding smaller items underneath, essentially creating a den for your outside stuff, before weighing it all down.

If you want to be really creative, you can even slap a mural on your tarpaulin with waterproof external paints.

Go high and low

Stashing all those summer shorts, espadrilles, shades, hot pants, mankinis – the list goes on – can be a pain if you’re strapped for space. But, if you look carefully enough, you’ll discover pockets of space on top of cupboards, wardrobes and units, as well as under beds, foot stools or sofas.

Grab yourself some cool plain wooden boxes and varnish them or buy some retro shopping style baskets and neatly fold or roll your summer items into them, methodically stacking them up high or down low. An instant space saver.

Go ornamental

When the winter hits, you might have to stash big items including sports equipment and bicycles indoors. If any of these items are remotely attractive, why not proudly display them on your wall with a few hooks or brackets?. When the summer eventually arrives again (for all of five minutes), you can replace your outdoor items with new paintings, pictures or drapes, breathing new life into your place. Sweet.

Maximise your cupboard Space

Create more cupboard space for your summer threads and garments by doubling up your coat hangers with this savvy little ring pull storage hack

Also, by installing an extra rail into your cupboard with an old curtain rod, you’ll be able to hang up smaller clothes-based items, meaning you can get more of your summer smalls out of the way without creating a pile of mess.

We hope these winter storage hacks have helped give you a little inspiration for your summer stuff and if you’re a parent looking to morph your kid’s bedroom into a den, office, creative space or ‘chilling in your underpants room’ now they’ve gone to uni, check out our handy little guide.

Check out our Pinterest Page for more great ideas on how to be Space Savvy this Autumn / Winter.


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