CoppaFeel! for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breasts. Let’s talk about them because they’re simply amazing when you think about them.  First and foremost they’re a food factory without which, none of us would be here. Breast milk is an essential part of our early life and with our forefathers not having the option of formula, the human race simply wouldn’t have survived without them.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, so whilst we can wonder at the role boobs have played (and continue to play) in essential life-giving human development, we also need to focus on how late detection of breast cancer can be life-threatening, and what you can do to spot it early.  And we’re not just talking female breasts, fellas – you’re just as vulnerable, so listen up.

At ABC Selfstore we’re extremely proud to provide storage to a national Charity dedicated to raising awareness of the need for young adults to examine their breast area regularly…

Unlike most Breast Cancer Charities, CoppaFeel’s focus is on a younger audience and the need for early diagnosis. Founder Kris was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at just 23 years old. Despite visiting the GP three times, it took over a year to get the lumps in her boobs diagnosed. She’s been battling Stage 4 cancer ever since. An earlier diagnosis would have provided the opportunity for treatment at a much less developed stage with a far better chance of success.

For young men and women, that’s the core message from CoppaFeel!  Check yourself regularly, and if you find something out of the ordinary, see your GP straight away, and if you’re feeling fobbed off and that there’s more to it. Persist. Persist. Persist.

Here’s Greg James, helped by Rochelle Humes. showing you how.

The at-least-once-a-month check is important. Leave it longer and you’re risking any cancer being able to develop to the point.

What’s that we hear you say? “But, I’m an airhead who just forgets these things.”  So what you would need is some kind of reminder service. A perfectly timed text, perhaps. Or a sticker to put in your shower to remind yourself.  Well, the folks at CoppaFeel! are several squeezes ahead of you. You can sign-up to their monthly SMS or email reminder service, or order some hard copy stuff to stick in your bathroom.

Find out the lengths CoppaFeel! are prepared to go to make sure you check your breasts regularly on their Remind Me page here

If you fancy supporting CoppaFeel! in their mission to ensure early and accurate diagnosis of breast cancer in young adults, you can find out everything you need to know on their website;

So go on. There’s no excuse for not getting hands on and checking yourself regularly.


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