Storage for Market Traders at ABC Selfstore.

If you’re a small or market trader, autumn can be an unpredictable time.  It’s a roller-coaster of a season, figuring out whether your buying decisions are going to see a gold rush or you’re going to be left with a storeroom full of stock you can’t shift.

Whilst some traders are super-savvy and make exactly the right judgment call, others will tell you they just got lucky. But if you have hit the jackpot – and discovered the latest toy craze, fashion style or homeware gadget – you might find that your stock room (or lack of its expandability) is your biggest enemy. We’ve got a simple solution and it’s about flexible as they come… 

Here’s a Christmas has come early scenario for you… let’s say you had a premonition that the latest craze for spinning industrial bearings (fidget spinners) had potential, so you ordered 100 units. Only to find that your instinct was right on the money and you sold out in a couple of days. Then, not to sit on your laurels,  you give your supplier a quick call and he’s got another 300 units that he can let you have at a bulk-buy discount.

You know you can shift them, but the limiting factor is the space you have available to store them. You could take them home and stack them in the living room, or beg friends and family to hold them for you in their hallway. But all that’s a lot of strife, so you politely decline, deciding to stick to a smaller re-order, knowing that you have the capacity to store it.

But in a week or so, when you’ve sold out, so has your supplier. If only you could’ve made space for those extra cases when the wholesaler had them in stock.

Our self storage units are a solution that you may not have thought of. They’re flexible because you only pay for the extra space you need for the time you actually need it. You can rent as much or as little space as you need and even downsize your space as your stock sells. For businesses that have distinct seasonal storage needs – for example when winter stock might be bulkier than summer stock – it’s a great solution as you’re only ever paying for storage when you need it.  If your wholesale buying decisions are good ones and you don’t need your storage for long, you won’t be tied in to a long term lease.

Here’s Erienne summarising all the best features and benefits for of our business bundle when you store with ABC Selfstore in London.


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