Storage Studies: Estate Agents

It’s the third in our October Storage Studies series. In this one, we’re looking at Estate Agents. Now you might be thinking that – since the advent of digital technology  – they’re a sector that doesn’t have all that much to store. But wait a second. Just because all of the property details; photographs, floorplans, and Energy Surveys are readily available online these days, doesn’t mean that they don’t have any physical stuff to find space for. So here is the how and why self storage might be useful if you’re in property Sales and Lettings… 

Walk down any London street and you’ll see a multitude of For Sale/Sold and To Let/Let Agreed signs adorning residential and commercial properties. For Agent’s it’s long been a sales tactic for a simple and low-cost promotion of specific properties. It’s also a sign that the market is healthy, which there tend to be more during Spring and Autumn. Estate Agency markets in the UK tend to be very seasonal, by the time Autumn is turning to Winter most will have fewer on their lists. Which in turn means a proportion of For Sale to Let boards that need returning to base.

If those boards have been out in the wild over the Summer and Autumn, no self-respecting agency is going to want them looking untidy leaning against the wall at the back of the office or shop.  Stacking signage in a customer facing area is going to be a no-no.  So you either need a hidden storage area where they can be kept out of sight or somewhere else for your “Display Board Logistics Executive” to keep them stowed, but that is accessible round-the-clock.



But it is not all about For Sale or To Let signs. Estate Agent’s still like physical details. Something tangible they can hand out to give potential buyers or tenants to hold when they view a property. The stuff they go to the filing cabinet at the back of the office for a rummage through. Those printed details are usually kept on file, as are hard copies of the correspondence between landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers. That archive paperwork also needs a home as it has to be kept for a minimum of seven years.

With space in London at such a premium, finding space for storage for boards and archives can be a problem. When business is brisk and the markets buoyant those for sale and to let boards are all out doing their job, and those boxes of archive paperwork will be coming thick and fast. But with reports in September that the London property market is slowing and suffering its sharpest fall since 2008, there might be a few more boards around to put into store, along with the legacy paperwork from the boom years.

It is notoriously difficult to predict what the property market is going to do – and London very much has its own bubble – but experts seem to agree that were in for a period of volatility. With new rules for Letting Agent’s as to who they can charge fees and interest rates predicted to rise, ensuring your storage space is cost effective, reactive and flexible is essential. A storage unit with us might be the perfect solution. You can expand or contract the amount of room you need at short notice, so you’ll only ever pay for what you need. Check out our Business Bundle to get started.


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