Who Stores in a Unit like this…

Self Storage units

With a couple of exceptions, self storage suits just about anyone who needs more space. So we thought we’d have a little fun and take a look at some of the typical people you might find using one of our storage units.

So we’ve dug deep and found our inner Lemon, who’s in the need of some panellists for our little gameshow. Oh, you don’t mind being a panellist? That’s good then, because you’ve passed reception, which means it’s time to go Through the Keypad… 

So, we’ll describe what’s in the unit (it’s fictitious of course – but also typical of what you might find in our storage units) and you decide Who Stores in a Unit Like This (the answers are at the foot of the page)…

Unit #001

As we swing open the door to Unit 1, we see cardboard boxes stacked three high and three deep.  Stamped on the side is a black logo with four circles and a diamond connecting them. The boxes are also adorned with a shipping logo – which looks to be from China.

Over to the right is a small desk, with a delivery inventory of what’s in the boxes. It’s a list of components and models of toy drones. Also on the desk is a laptop computer. Connected to our Free WiFi, it’s showing an eBay store selling drones and drop components to buyers all over Europe. The store’s only been open 6 months but is already has 6 figure 99% positive feedback.

There’s also a print out of the next order which is due for delivery in 6 weeks. It’s for twice the amount of stock being stored in the current unit. The owner is definitely going to need more space in due course, which they can of course book in advance with the friendly folk in ABC Selfstore’s reception.

Unit #002

As the door to unit 2 is pushed open, we see three medium cardboard boxes, three bikes, two pairs of skis and three snowboards. The bikes are all the same size, two are road bikes, whilst the third is an all terrain bike with disk brakes and shock suspension.

On the far side, along the back wall, is a clothes rail and hanging from it are almost two dozen items of specialist sports wear. There’s several ski jackets and salopettes – 2 adult and three youth’s suits. Two of the collection are quite clearly for females. 3 smaller summer wetsuits hang at one end of the rail, and in the middle hang several cycling lycra a variety of cycle helmets hang from their straps at the end of the rail.

A peek in the boxes reveals old school books, pictures and awards, plus some family photographs.

Unit #003

As the door to Unit 3 is pushed back, we see rows of shelf-racking. This is a really well organised unit. On the shelving are specialist archiving boxes. They’re neatly labelled and dated, so you can be sure what’s in them. One reads Client Invoices 2009-10, another Expenses 2006-07, whilst a third says Tax Returns 2005 – 10. 

A closer look reveals that the boxes aren’t just neatly labelled – they’re arranged on the shelves in reverse data order. It’s clear that whoever has organised this unit is meticulous. They’ve even left a space at one end for etc next batch of boxes.

Unit #004

The door to unit 4 – a small locker unit – is unlatched and opened, we see three plastic storage boxes and a sports holdall. Two of the boxes are stacked full of study papers and books. Leaning up behind them at the back of the unit is a hockey stick, tennis and squash rackets. A delve into the Sports holdall reveals some bed linen and several pairs of sports shoes.

In the other storage box are are some kitchen utensils, sauces and condiments. There’s also lots of vouchers and flyers for takeaway including Pizza, kebabs, Chinese and Indian. Leaning up at the back are some rolled up posters. One more smaller storage box is full of cables and IT accessories, including bluetooth speakers and plenty of adaptors for plugging into network infrastructure.



Unit 1: An Internet sales business | Unit 2:  Family storage for an active bunch | Unit 3: Business Archive storage | Unit 4: Student Storage.