Winter Storage for Summer Stuff

Has anyone put the heating on yet? Or are you sat shivering, waiting until October is out before succumbing to resetting of the thermostat? Or maybe you used the reliable old get-out-clause of putting it on ‘just to test’ – making sure it is all working ahead of the cooler nights drawing in?

Well, whether you’re braving out the evening chills or enjoying feeling toasty (whilst a little guilty that it’s quite early to be warming your backside on the radiator) one thing is clear: summer 2018 has left the building and it left pretty quickly.


So – whilst there’s still some daylight between getting in from work and the sun going down – there’s still time to get your summer stuff packed away and safely into storage. They say that clearing out the stuff you don’t need can be cathartic – so with that in mind – here’s our quick run-down of the sorts of things you might be bringing in to overwinter in your storage unit…

Garden Furniture

If you’re lucky enough to have outdoor space in your London pad, then you’ll almost certainly have furniture. And short of you having a glass room on your roof (a lá the stunning designs for Battersea Power station) then you’ll probably want to put them away for the winter. Otherwise – come spring 2019 – you’ll be picking the snails off, brushing off all the cobwebs and wondering why your once fine looking seating has become a bit lacklustre. Storing out of the winter wind and rain is particularly important if you’ve got wood furniture as it’ll help keep that green algae from taking hold.

Summer sports gear

Sports Equipment

Whilst some sports are best in winter, others are not. If you own any kind of boat – canoe, dingy, oracle – you might decide that being out on the water the wrong side of October is not for you. In fact, it’s probably only for the hardcore water sports enthusiasts. So don’t feel like you’re missing out putting them into storage. Boating is not the only English summer sport that might require a bit of storage space though – from skydiving to paragliding and hand-gliding – there are plenty more summer sports requiring storage.

Summer Camping Gear

With festival and holiday season receding in 2018’s rear view mirror, the camping gear will have done its work. Tent, camping gas cooker, air-beds, sleeping bags – they all take up quite a bit of room. So – provided they’ve all been properly aired and packed away – getting it all into storage could free up some much needed space. It also means that they’re much less likely to have that ‘stored-at-the-back-of-a-damp shed’ smell to them on first use next year.

Barbecue & Outdoor Cooking


In the English climate, barbecue’s that spend the winter outdoors don’t last many years. It’ll only be a season or two before you’re picking flakes of rusty metal from the rapidly thinning base of the coal-pan for first use. You could get yourself a cover, which will help your barbecue to last longer, but nothing is as good as giving it a clean and putting it into storage with all your there stuff.  Now you might think that means you won’t be able to experiment with slow cooking the Christmas Turkey over charcoal – but if you’re absolutely committed to doing that – you can always park your barbecue at the front of your storage unit.

Children’s Garden Play Gear

Leave that sandpit/paddling pool thing in the garden all winter and come spring it will be full of water, wet sand, dead snails and green algae. That’s if it hasn’t gone brittle and cracked during the January cold snap. But empty it out, bag up the sand and get it into storage – and it will be as good as the day your little one last played in it when they resume the sandcastle making next year. The same can be said for all the plastic toys that spend the summer adorning the lawn – winnable, pedal cars,  pink trikes – they’ll all look worse for wear if they’re left out all winter.

Garden Equipment

If you’ve given the lawn the last mow until spring, the perennials have died back and you’re up to date with any autumn pruning – then you could pack away the garden equipment until it all starts to grow again next spring. Lawn electric mowers, strimmers, hedge cutters, leaf blowers – get them into storage and free up the space in your home.

And if you need extra space to store all your summer stuff – we can help with that. We’ve got storage units available in sizes to suit all needs. Get a quote online or call your nearest store to find out more.


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