ABC Selfstore’s Big Home Move Checklist

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Moving home: It might be exciting but it’s no picnic.

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re moving from or where you’re moving to, packing up all of your Earthly possessions and shifting them to a new place is a pain in the proverbial…

But, really, it’s only as tough and as stressful as you make it (within reason anyway, life always throws us a curveball or two).

When it comes to moving home, it’s all about how you approach it. Of course, keeping a cool head (no smashing up tellys and throwing them out of the window; you’re not Keith Richards) is a must, but preparation is also critical.

So, to help make sure you’re as prepared as possible for the big home move, us lot at ABC Selfstore have put together a handy checklist for just for you.

We know time is of the essence so without further ado, get a load of this…

Six weeks until the big day…

  • Confirm an official move-in date with either your new landlord or if you’re buying your new home, your solicitor or the seller. It’s good to get a date locked in early as you’ll have something to aim for.
  • Book your moving arrangements. Either arrange van hire, if you’re doing it yourself (oh, and rope in as many friends or relatives to help you as possible, perhaps by bribing them with non-existent treats) or select a removals team to do the job for you, giving them a brief on the job.
  • Get in touch with all of your utility companies and let them know of your proposed move, advising the date as well as the address of your new property.

Five weeks until the big day…

  • Arrange your home insurance and any other new utilities, services or cover for your new home, locking in quotes and sorting out dates.
  • Room by room, start thinning out all of the things you don’t need (we all have a hoarder in us, and there’s little doubt you’ll have at least a few bags full of junk part with), selling, recycling and donating what you can.
  • Grab all of your packing supplies, including a variety of boxes, brown paper, tags, labels, tape and bubble wrap (don’t get too distracted by it).

Four weeks until the big day…

  • Look at your inventory and decide which items of furniture you’re going to keep and which items you’re going to scrap.
  • Decide which new pieces of furniture and other homewares you’re going to need for your new home and set a budget. Do a little bit of physical and online shopping for your new stuff – fun, fun, fun.
  • Sell, sell, sell everything you can or put it up for collection on sites like Freecycle.
  • Sort, pack up and clear all outdoors hardware, furniture and items, making sure you label everything methodically.

Three weeks until the big day…

  • Pack up and label everything you can do without for a few weeks, including clothes that you rarely wear but you want to keep.
  • If you’re moving long distance, make sure you get your car serviced – the last thing you want is to be standing on the hard shoulder with steam coming out of your ears on the big day.
  • Arrange a leaving party, sending out invites, making party playlists and setting aside a small budget for food and drink. Why not throw a party? YOLO (you only live once) and all that.
  • Make arrangements to have all of your post diverted in an advance of your move to save any delays or confusion.

Two weeks until the big day…

  • Start packing up all items that remain in your home, leaving only the core items out, dismantling any furniture you can in the process.
  • Officially order the new items and appliances for your new home.
  • Take anything bulky that you need to get rid of down the tip, setting aside half a day if necessary.
  • Check in with your new home, making sure everything is running as it should.

One week until the big day…

  • Pack up your dried foods and kitchen cupboard items, and make a plan to consume or give away anything perishable to avoid waste.
  • Check in with your movers, or your ‘hired’ labour if you’re doing it yourself and give them one final definitive brief.
  • Throw your leaving do and have a top time, blowing off as much steam as possible.
  • Recover from your hangover.
  • Go through every room in your current home making sure you haven’t missed anything.
  • Refine all of your plans for the big day.

Judgement day…

  • Eat a healthy, hearty breakfast to give you enough physical and mental fuel for the day.
  • Pack up any last minute items and brief your movers or team one last time.
  • Start loading overseeing everything as it unfolds.
  • Hang back when the place is empty and clean everything thoroughly, tieing up and loose ends.
  • Go to the other end, you shiny new home, and make sure everything is unloaded, placing everything in its current room methodically.
  • Go and and have a drink or three; you deserve it!

We hope our handy home move checklist has helped to lighten your load and if you follow this guide, come judgement day, everything will go off without a hitch. We wish you years of happiness in your new home and if you do find you need to stash a few things during the process, please give us a shout.

And for more tip top info, check out our online moving home space.


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