ABC Selfstore’s Big Office Move Checklist

Moving office: it’s one of life’s biggest and baddest undertakings.

Unlike a house move, which is stressful enough, when you move office, not only do you have to think about knick knacks, appliances and furniture, but more often than not, hardware, servers and more wires than you’ll find inside R2-D2’s intestines. In short, there’s a lot to consider.

With any big move, preparation is critical – and winging it won’t do. So, to help you visualise your colossal office shift and help make sure everything you need is in place, us lot at ABC Selfstore have put together a handy little checklist. No need to thank us, it’s just what we do.

Anyhow, we’ll stop waffling: feast your eyes on our big office move checklist

Six weeks until judgement day…

  • Measure your fresh office space ready for your new furniture design, layouts and logistics.
  • Order any new furniture, office stuff or infrastructure in advance, specifying any key dates for delivery.

Five weeks until judgement day…

  • If you don’t currently take care of your own security, arrange for a company to survey your new office.
  • Seek professional consultancy, or get together with your team, to plan and design your new office layout to make the best and most productive use of your new space.

Four weeks until judgement day…

  • Discuss and arrange the installation and testing of your new electronic ports, IT networks and phone lines. Get your IT support team (if you have one) to muck in and assist you with all technical aspects of the move, making sure a strict plan and timeline is put into place.
  • Gather the rest of your staff for a meeting to update them on the move. Advise them of key dates and provide them with boxes and labels in advance so they can pack their stuff up swiftly when the time comes. All the important stuff like their office stationery, desktop PCs and novelty Fraggle Rock coffee mug.

Three weeks until judgement day…

  • Much like you do when you move home, make sure you give all of your existing utility and service providers at heads up on your moving dates and arrange for switchovers or cancellations to take place.
  • If you are using new providers, make sure you arrange them, now!
  • Order your shiny new business stationery with your new address printed on it, and organise all of your change of address notifications both in print, in-house and online (make sure all directories will be updated, and your staff’s email signature will sport the new office address come judgement day).

Two weeks until judgement day…

  • Ensure all of your broadband and phone lines are fully installed and ready to go.
  • Set up forwarding telephone numbers or arrange to transfer your phone numbers with your telecoms provider. Organise your postal redirects too.
  • Make sure your movers have been briefed and remind your staff of the moving dates or timeline.
  • Check all of the new amenities and facilities are working in the new office and all of the essentials regarding new appliances, cupboards, etc. are in place.
  • Arrange any finishing touches in the new offices including shelving, painting, decorative touches, and communal area touch ups to be made.
  • Remind your new commercial landlord of your move in times and dates and iron out any snags or issues.

One week until judgement day…

  • Tell your IT gals or guys finish a full set-up and audit on your new systems and servers.
  • Start to pack up and label and box up any small or personal items, and again, remind your staff to do the same.
  • Get in the movers and advise them where to set up desks and furniture at the other end.
  • Arrange for a small team of staff to head to the new office on judgement day to supervise the movers and assist with any additional logistical efforts.
  • Get the old office professionally cleaned and tie up any loose ends with your current commercial landlord.

Judgement day…

  • Make sure everyone is where they should be, check in with your movers, make sure your staff has everything they need, and hold your nerve.
  • When it’s all done, have a massive glass of wine or a cold pint of beer! Hooray!


We hope our handy office move checklist has helped to lighten your load and if you follow this guide, come judgement day, everything will go off without a hitch. We wish you all the success in your new office and if you do find you need to stash a few things during the process, please get in touch with us – we have three great London locations.


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