ABC’s Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Whether you choose to believe it or not, it’s only a matter of weeks until Christmas, again. We know, where has the year gone?

Anyhow, that said, it’s time to get in gear for the festive season – and a big part of the process is the presents.

Now, we’ve offered you our top 10 Christmas toys for kids which we hope has given you the boost you need to get going – and now we’re going to tell you how to wrap all of those tasty gifts in a fun, quirky and trendy fashion.

Okay, ultimately people end up ripping the paper apart, rendering your wrapping efforts obsolete – but it’s Christmas, and it’s no good making a masterpiece of the tree only to have the tatty looking presents underneath it ruin the ambience.

Okay, point made, rant over – now for the Xmas wrapping tips.

Santa’s beard wrapping

Santa and his big white beard are true icons of Christmas, so why not replicate them in wrapping form?

Using traditional brown paper, delicately wrap your gift, then using white card, draw and cut out your prefered Santa’s beard shape, then decorate – voila!

Buttons, not bows

Bows are lovely, but they’ve been done time and time again.

So, this year, rather than sealing all your gifts with a neat bow, buy a bunch of spare buttons of different shapes and sizes, guiding craft string or thread through the holes, before mounting them on top of your paper. A lovely decorative touch that will have you turning heads around the Christmas tree.

Edible festive wreath

Wreaths add a sprinkle of festive magic, and so does chocolate.

If you buy a standard Xmas wreath, then get your obligatory box of festive Celebrations and use small pegs to combine the two, you will be the talk of the town – that’s if you don’t eat all the contents before your guests arrive!

Doggy treats

For the canine in your life, this idea will make a wonderful Xmas treat.

You can do it yourself with a plain jar, a bag of tasty doggy snacks and a few crafty accompaniments, and it will be great, and your dog will love your for it. Enough said.

Tubular Pringle wrapping hack

Yes, this is good. Not only will you have the pleasure of enjoying that ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ moment as you scoff all of the Pringles, but if you have a gift that lends itself to a cylindrical shape, these tubes will prove perfect.

Simply clean out the tube post Pringles-munch, carefully fill with your Christmas contents, pop the lid back on and coat with a lovely strip of festive paper. Magic.


We hope our tip top festive wrapping tips have made you ho, ho, happy and that you’re getting all fired up for the big day. See more on our Pinterest Board

And if you do need an extra blast of festive inspiration, check out our handy guide on how to stash and store your presents ready for all those friends and relatives that will no doubt be piling into your pad come the 25th December!