New Year’s Eve In Wandsworth

New Year’s Eve, it’s a funny old thing. You put so much pressure on the night that anything slightly less than epic can feel like the world’s biggest failure.

Either that or you play it so safe that you’re asleep dribbling before the hootenanny, missing the dawning of the New Year all together.

But, if you’re looking to celebrate in Wandsworth this year, we have a neat little itinerary for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Do one, do them all – it’s your choice entirely – but whatever you do, enjoy yourselves.

Battersea Park

A park on New Year’s, you say? Well, yes. To get the heart pumping and ramp up the festive spirit, a brisk late afternoon stroll through Battersea Park, soaking in the scenery along the way will do the trick. Grab a takeaway coffee from the park’s cafe and stretch those legs, enjoying a lovely glimpse of the River Thames.

The Goat

If you don’t line your stomach, you won’t last the distance – that’s a fact. So, if you fancy it, after the park pay a visit to The Goat. One of Wandsworth’s most beloved boozers, The Goat is hip as it is wholesome, cool as it is quirky – and when it comes to unusual gins, top class wins, cask ales, craft beers and Belgian brews, you simply can’t go wrong. The menu is packed with pub grub classics sporting a tasty modern twist and each dish is made with fresh locally sourced ingredients. So sit back, have a few drinks, fill your tummies and get ramped up for a night of celebrations.

Now, once you’ve stretched your legs, lined your stomach and warmed the cockles, there are a couple of great Wandsworth-based NYE bashes you can head to that will see you partying well into the night…

Pop-Up Ceilidh

Hosted in Balham by the mighty Fiddle-Paradiddle, pop in and get down to London’s wildest Ceilidh band. Led by a professional Ceilidh dancer, you will be treated to a night of superior shape-cutting action, the likes of which you have never experienced before – and if you buy your drinks tokens in advance, you’ll get them for a discounted price.

Noughties New Year’s Eve Party

If you want to stick by the river, The Duke’s Head in Putney is hosting an NYE party dedicated to the sounds, style and lunacy of the noughties, offering a lovely slice of nostalgia and a whole lotta fun. For just a tenner, you can warp yourself back a few years to a slightly simpler time and party on until 2am, by which time you’ll probably be ready for a kebab (or a healthier alternative like a late night falafel or slice) and bed.


Whoever you are or however you decide to celebrate, we hope you have the most special New Year’s ever. And if you’re embracing a new start in 2018 or before, and looking for self storage in Wandsworth, give us a tinkle – we’ll be happy to help.