Why You Need Self Storage for Your Big Office Move

moving offices

People move offices for many reasons: cheaper rent, a more convenient location, a change of scenery, an eviction, a desire to shift the office culture, or just because they can.

Moving into a new commercial gaff offers a chance to start anew and push on with a fresh attitude to the way you run your business – but as well all know – it is possibly the most stressful thing in the entire world, or even the universe.

But, by using the power of self storage to assist you with your big office move, you stand to make it far easier, far more efficient and far less stressful.

Here’s why…

It can save you money

During many an office move, businesses big or small have lost money when snags occur. If one part of the operation is delayed and you’re left in limbo, not having a place to store your goods could well prove costly – if you’re unprepared.

By grabbing a top quality, low-cost self storage unit, you’ll ultimately save the pennies – self storage is great value, don’t you know – should you need a temporary space to stash your office furniture or hardware.

It can make things more efficient

By adding self storage into your big office move strategy, you’ll be able to make the whole operation far more methodically by avoiding the need to lug everything from A to B in one fell swoop.

With the facility to store a certain amount of your inventory at a secure space during the move, you’ll be able to break it into digestible segments, making it a whole lot more efficient as a result.

If you’re able to take your time and make sure that you’re able to do things thoroughly, resulting in a move that runs smoothly and successfully.

It can give you an extra pair of hands

While we may not mean this, literally (a pair of hands aren’t going to jump out of a box and start helping you move office chairs like ‘Thing’ from the Addams Family), what we do mean is that with the right self storage company, you will get additional help with your big office move.

How, you say?

Well, with ABC Selfstore, we not only offer our business customers free Zip Van hire, but we give friendly self storage advice and offer excellent value insurance as well as top value packing materials – meaning your big move stands the best chance of going off without a hitch.

With three brilliant London locations, ABC Selfstore is proud to say that we’ve has almost 25 years of business-based self storage experience, with more happy customers than we could possibly count.

So, if you’re about to embark on a big office move and you need a helping hand, please do get in touch so we can ply you with all of our exclusive customer perks.

And if you need guidance on how to go about your big move, check out our comprehensive ABC checklist.