Sharing our 25th Birthday with…

If you’ve been glued to our blog, you’ll have cottoned-on that ABC Selfstore is 25 years old in 2018. We’re not the only ones though, there are plenty of well-known names, organisations and businesses with whom we share our anniversary. Some, like us, hit the magic quarter century – whilst others are a tad older. But an anniversary is an anniversary, and they’re all worth celebrating. So let’s raise a glass to some other success stories and notable achievements… 

The Dyson DA 001

Whilst James Dyson officially founded the company that became Dyson as long ago as 1987, the first product (yes, it was a vacuum cleaner) to bear the Dyson brand – was launched in July 1993. Up until then, the entrepreneur had attempted to license his design innovations through established home appliance companies – his former employer Rotork and Kleeneze were the first to sell a James Dyson designed cyclonic vacuum.  But it was only once the Dyson brand was applied, and the upright DA 001 launched (which quickly became the DC01), that the acclaimed inventor succeeded. Pitched as an innovative and premium-priced product, the 01 model became the best selling vacuum cleaner in the UK in less than two years.

Admiral Insurance

It seems like they’ve been around forever, but the proponents of the multi-car policy with the nautically themed figurehead only got going in 1993. Initially, their niche was as a specialist in cover for younger drivers, or those with higher premiums. We like Admiral’s approach – which must be akin to our own – they’ve been listed in the Sunday Times’ Best Companies to work for – every year since they started.  They clearly value their employees, which is how we like to do business ourselves.

The Back Street Boys

It seems Barlow, Williams et al.  Took That and started a trend with the boyband thing in 1990. Across the pond, the Backstreet Boys (or BSB to give them their more hip, street-ready name) were creating themselves in Orlando, Florida.  It would be a full three years before the release of their self-titled album in 1996…  and if we had to choose a storage-related track on that one it would be Anywhere for You.

Power Rangers

What is Mighty Morphin’ and originally came in Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink, and Green? The original Powerangers of course! Amazingly, the ‘Rangers first hit TV screens in 1993, which explains why park goers of London have witnessed 2 1/2 decades of kids twirling, spinning and leaping around emulating their brightly coloured Ninja-esque heros.

Like all great franchises, the TV Show was were complemented by a line of merchandise – including action figures – which are just the kind of thing you might decide to keep in storage anticipating an appreciation in value. There have been a few tweaks to the Rangers over the years – most notable more female characters and a change from Pink to White. You won’t know this – it is a closely guarded secret – but ABC Selfstore has its own team of Customer Service Power Ranger equivalents in our stores – ours wear are Blue, Green and Purple, and they champion the best service and value for self-storage in London.

Karl Marx 200th

Right. That’s enough of the Monsters. Time for something different. If Frankenstein set the literary world on fire, over in Germany, a boy was born who would shape a philosophy that would challenge the natural order and mobilise the oppressed. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engel focussed on a model that recognised the socio-economic effects of Capitalism and the likelihood of an eventual Proletariat Revolution. Which may explain the cycle of how the British electorate flip-flop between capitalist and socialist governments.  It’s deep., but it has been a foundation for Political Philosophy ever since.

Nelson Mandela

The world only lost Nelson Mandela in 2015 – aged 95. If he’d held in there another 5 he’d have been celebrating his 100th Birthday in 2018. When we opened our doors in 1993, Mandela had only been a free man in South Africa for 3 years having spent the previous 27 incarcerated on Robbin Island. But in the 4 years after his release negotiated an end to apartheid, with South Africa holding its first multiracial election in 1994 – with Mandela becoming president.

The Orangy one that got away (sort of).

The telecommunications world is an odd one. Companies seem to change ownership regularly. In 1993 Orange UK arrived on the market, with a bright vibrant brand that quickly gained market share. By 1999 it had been sold by owners Hutchison Telecom (who now own the network Three) to German leviathon Mannesmann AG. Vodafone got all jittery and through a hostile take-over bought the new conglomerate. Having two mobile licenses in the UK wasn’t allowed in under competition rules and Vodafone ended up divesting Orange to France Telecom.

Perhaps recognising the strength of the branding, France Telecom subsequently applied the Orange moniker to all of its customer operations.  In 2010 the merger of Orange and T-Mobile created EE – a result of a European merger of France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom.  EE was then bought by BT, who were without a mobile platform after selling O2 in 2005. Phew!   It was only in 2015 that the Orange brand was finally phased out in the UK.  But it still exists elsewhere in the world and has over 250million customers… so we felt it deserved a mention.


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