We’re sharing our Monster Birthday with … (part 2)

It’s time for part two of our celebratory series looking at who ABC Selfstore is sharing our Birthday with during 2018. When you’re talking about 25, in this day and age it’s quite some achievement, call it a Monster one if you will. Thing is, once we started researching, the Monster theme started snowballing a bit… so this second collection kind of carry that theme. So hold on to your cuddly toys, because here’s part 2… 


Many a middle-aged housewife will reminisce about how hoarse their voice got from screaming ‘I love you [insert your preferred irish hunk’s name here]’ at their favourite bandmate from vocal harmony quintet Boyzone. Now we don’t want to make any of you – or them – feel old, but the Zoney lads got together in 1993. Thing is, they weren’t quite the polished act we know them as when they first got going. As this hilarious classic clip shows…

Whilst everyone laughed their heads off at the time, Boyzone had the last chuckle. They proved the doubters wrong – and then some – with help from a Producer called Louis Walsh, they did indeed become Ireland’s answer to Take That – until handing the baton to Westlife. The remaining four Boy Zones are planning a tour in 2018 – so, ladies, if you want to scream yourself hoarse all over again, you can find out more here.  Of course – if we had to pick a storage themed favourite Boyzone track to celebrate our 25th …it would have to be Key to My Life – wouldn’t it?

Jurassic Park

Based on Michael Crighton’s blockbuster Novel – which Universal Studios bought the film rights to before it was even published – Jurassic Park has become a firm-favourite film blockbuster franchise. Another from the stable Hollywood action movie Director legend  – Steven Spielberg – it was the third highest grossing film of the 1990s and the 26th of all time. Only Titanic and Star Wars Episode 1 – Phantom Menace beat it in the decade it was released. Maybe it’s the irresistible lure of the Dinosaurs, which, let’s face it, has fascinated kids since the first fossil was found.

The good news for Dino-fans is that to celebrate the 25th Anniversary there’s a new film due out in 2018. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom sees Bryce Dallas Howard reprise her role as Park Manager Claire Dearing – best news of all though, it’s rumoured Jeff Goldblum will be returning in the role of audience favourite, the quirky Dr. Ian Malcolm.

The Ducati Monster

Talking of Monsters, Audi owned Italian motorcycle firm Ducati brought one into the world in 1993. They realised the potency of their Frankensteinian invention so named it the, er, Monster – or ‘Il Mostro’ in the local lingo.  It pretty much became a motorcycling icon at birth and is regarded as the model that stopped the company going under. There’s not just one Monster though, this stripped back faring-less ‘classic’ looking bike has come in a variety of engine sizes over the years. From a manageable 400cc to 160hp versions with Superbike engines. Even an old one from the 1990s, with above average miles on the clock will still set you back over £2.2k. We would, of course, have our 25th Anniversary version in White, with Green, Blue and Purple stripes

Frankenstein is 200.

If you felt that the Monster analogy is getting a bit out of hand – we’re afraid we’re not quite done yet. 2018 sees the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. It’s a literary classic that provided a baseline astoundingly it was her first Novel. It was groundbreaking for the horror genre – contemplating bringing a corpse back to life, but intertwining that with the protagonists quest for greatness.

Many Happy Returns!


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