ABC’s Top Tips on Archiving for Businesses

Yawn. Yes, the mere thought of archiving has the power to make even the liveliest among us want to slip into a state of deep, deep sleep. But, when you’re running a business, archiving is essential and if you know how to do it efficiently, it’s not half as bad as you might think.

So, to give you a little boost, business owners, here are our top tips on archiving.

Let’s get going, shall we?

Paper archiving

We are living in a digital world where the majority of company info, documents and data are now digital, which we’ll move onto next, but no matter how hard you try, it’s almost impossible to go completely paperless.

That said, here are a few paper archiving quick tips for you:

  • Purge your files by ridding yourself of the paperwork you don’t need, safely and securely. If you have piles upon piles of documents, hire a professional destruction service to do the job for you.
  • Create a retention policy so that no paper document exists longer than it should do before being shredded, expelled and recycled. This policy will ensure the smooth running of your operation while preventing your business from being clogged up with stacks of unnecessary paperwork.
  • If you need room to breathe, secure yourself a sustainable storage solution. If you live in the Big Smoke, we’ve got a host of top-notch London self storage solutions for you.

Digital archiving

For the vast amounts of digital data your business no doubt stores on a daily basis, here are a few tips that will help you stay organised and streamlined:

  • Allocate clearly labelled digital files on your database arranged in alphabetical of numeric order that are accessible to all relevant personnel within your business. That way, not only will archived files be simple to locate and access, but when you perform retention audits, you’ll be able to get rid of the files you need to without wasting any extra time.
  • Transfer everything onto a cloud-based service. That way, archive documents will be safe, secure and stored without taking up valuable system or server space.
  • Spend some time looking through your digital documents and decide which groups of docs are similar regarding subject matter or business area. Make sure you store them together in subfolders so that when you need to perform a search, you’ll know which area of your storage system to navigate to – another time and space-saving tip from ABC.

And don’t forget about GDPR – we’ll let you sort that one out!

We hope these top business archiving tips will help to make your commercial empire more efficient and if you’re planning an office move any time soon, our essential checklist will help.


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