ABC’s Real-Life Reasons For Moving Home

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There are several reasons for packing up and moving home, from economic factors, relocating for love, discovering an ancient Eastenders burial ground underneath your house…the list goes on.

While there are negative reasons for moving home, there are also plenty of positive and practical factors too – and that’s what we’re going to focus on today.

So, if you’re thinking about upping sticks and moving around the corner or perhaps to the other side of London, here are few things that might sway – or even cement – your decision.

Shall we?

Beefing up that bank account

If you’re a young couple, a young professional or a young family looking to get your foot on the first rung of the property ladder, moving in with a parent or relative temporarily will help you save and secure the funds you’ll need to lay down a fat old mortgage deposit. You’ll probably get a few decent hot meals and free beers in the process too – just make sure you pay a little rent and do the washing up once in a while.

School stuff

If you have a little one who is not far away from donning a shirt, tie and a crest and  embarking that big academic adventure, and you want to give them the best possible start, moving to the catchment area of your number one, two and three school choices is a valid reason for moving home as any. Plus, you never know – if you’re moving further out you could even get more space for your money. Double whammy!


Recent studies suggest that the prospect of a shorter, less complicated commute to work would make them happier than making love. With that in mind, moving to a new pad to make your commute is an excellent reason to trade your old pad in for a new one. Not only will you have more time for sports, hobbies, friends, family or the pub, but you could also save a significant amount of money on tube or train travel.

Money, money, money

It’s no secret: rents or property prices in some areas are more friendly than others. If you fancy a change and you’re currently feeling the pinch in your current place, moving somewhere cheaper that not only offers something a little different but more space for a smaller monthly payout could well be the answer. Weigh up the other associated costs like commuting fees and the area’s council tax, etc, do your research and we’re sure you’ll find the right location for you.


Way before you even think about which school’s you’re going to send your child to, you’ve got to consider bringing them into the world, feeding them, accommodating them and dealing with zero sleep for what seems like a lifetime. That said, the birth of a beloved newborn is a massive life-changing event, and as such, you might want to move somewhere quieter, closer to local amenities or again, a place where you get more space for your money. All rock-solid reasons to move when you have a little one.


If you’ve just got married, even if you’re not both currently living with your folks or in a flat share situation, you might want to move to a brand shiny new pad to start this new and exciting chapter in your lives. Perhaps you want to move somewhere more suburban before the arrival of little ones, or maybe you just think you’ve outgrown your current place (or maybe you live in a flat share and you’re sick of your flatmate’s smelly feet) – either way, moving can provide positive change.

Death or Divorce

Although these situations are both strikingly different, both share two similar elements: sudden lost and abrupt change. These two incredibly difficult and emotionally battering situations, as tough as they might be, are best faced head on – and in fact, moving to a new home can help with the healing process and provide the closure you might need to move on.


Inheritance of by its very nature, very bittersweet. But if you are kindly left with a substantial chunk of money, investing it in a new dream property and setting up an incredible home is probably the best way you can invest: happiness, growth, happy memories and good living – all the best ingredient for a fulfilled life on planet Earth.


Moving home can be tough, it can also be exciting. Whatever your reasons for moving, we’re here for you.

We offer London self storage in three top locations and as we’re a family run outfit, you’ll reap the rewards of our amazing service, plus the kind of perks you just won’t find anywhere else in the Big Smoke.

To find out more, check out our ABC About Us page.


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